Pat Mahomes
Patrick Mahomes. Photo Credit Associated Press Jeff Roberson

Although we still have three months left in 2020, I think it’s pretty safe to say Patrick Mahomes has won the year. That may not seem like much considering the suck fest that has been 2020, but Mahomes’ year would be great even by 2017 standards (the most significant year ever because the Eagles won the Super Bowl).

Super Bowl King

So we start with the obvious. Mahomes won the Super Bowl. It doesn’t get much better than that, you would think.

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Living a Dream! ⏰

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So after winning Super Bowl MVP with a comeback win in said Super Bowl (every kid’s dream), dude makes the standard trip to Disney, party hardy with the Lombardi at the parade, and gets his Super Bowl ring. You know the usual.

Richest Man In The World

So, boom, fast forward to July and ma homie (see what I did there) signs a 10-year contract worth like a bazillion dollars. Okay, not that much but, it is worth half a billion dollars.

Then in September, Mahomes gets engaged to his high school sweetheart. The craziest thing is dude says he’s nervous. Like if an almost billionaire, Super Bowl MVP winning QB, and generally handsome man is nervous proposing what chance do us regular fellas have?

Patrick Mahomes SEX

Now we are three weeks into the NFL season, and the Chiefs look like they are on the road to repeat as Super Bowl champs. Can’t get any better right? Wrong.

Now we find out that this guy is also having sex? How lucky can you be?

In Conclusion

This man has everything. Mahomes’ 2020 might be so good we might have to award him, king of 2021, by default. I’m so jealous of Mahomes that I hope he gets a splinter just to even out the universe a bit.

If you don’t think Patrick Mahomes is the 2020 winner (you’re wrong), let me know on Twitter. And if you have any tips on how I can take my consciousness and put it in his body? Also, hit me on Twitter.