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Vendetta Vibe Playlist: Two-Man Team, September 13, 2021

So this week’s playlist will be the result of a two-man team. I got no entries for this week from anybody but Jarrod. So, this Vendetta Vibe Playlist will feature our musical tastes, and only our musical tastes. Here we go.

Scott Logush: 21 And Over – Dylan Schneider

This song was just released last week, and it details how life can go by so fast. Two 16-year-old kids fall in love, and then in an instant, they’re 21 and over.

Jarod Prosser: Human – Rag’n’Bone Man

This week i’ve been listening to Rag’n’Bone Man’s hit Human. The radio version is great – it’s a favourite of mine to play and sing – but this stripped back guitar and piano cut is wonderful. Rory’s baritone starts out almost gutteral before ripping through the late stages of the song. A great listen.

Scott Logush: Some Habits – Cole Swindell

Another new song! This one was released just last week, but it’s quickly becoming one of my favourites! This song talks about how some habits are hard to quit. Good bourbon is hard to put down, the high road is hard to stay on, the old version of oneself is hard to turn off or put away. Then, some habits like loving that girl aren’t meant to be broke.

Jarod Prosser: I Don’t Care About You – Lake Street Dive

Lake Street Dive are a brilliantly talented group from Boston. There 2016 track I Don’t Care About You is one of my favourites. A really catchy opening riff breaks into Rachael utterly stunning vocals (frankly, Rachael herself is utterly stunning). The harmonies between her, Bridget and Mike are wonderful. LSD’s lyrics are always clever and whimsical, the musicianship from those three and the dearly departed McDuck (he’s not dead, just left the band) is always flawless. It’s a fun little pop number. Since they’re unlikely to be touring in Australia in the near future, please do yourself a favour and get out to one of their gigs if you have the chance.

Scott Logush: Famous Friends – Chris Young & Kane Brown

This song is about how back home we all have some famous friends that people have never heard of. Whether it be people who were great athletes in high school or others who were the life of the party, there’s always a couple of people that we met years ago who are famous in their hometown.

This two-man team of a Vendetta Vibe Playlist was fun to work on. Hopefully next week people actually send songs in…

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