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Vendetta Vibe Playlist: Back To Normal. September 6, 2021

This week’s Vendetta Vibe Playlist is back to normal. I actually had quite a few entries from multiple people around the site, so thank you for that. Here’s to our mixed bag of Vendetta music styles!

Scott Logush: FOYF – NEFFEX

This song really sums up itself, Focus On Yourself First is a song about focusing on yourself before others. Other people will come and go, so just focus on yourself and your situation because that’s all you can really control.

Adam Krieger: Love All (with JAY-Z) – Drake

Okay so I was waiting to make my first real Vendetta Vibes appearance for two albums, Kanye West or Drake. I don’t listen to music to much I am more of a podcast guy myself (check out Vendetta’s Podcasts Here) I personally am not the biggest fan of Kanye outside of the booth, but he still has an incredible discography so he gets an auto listen. But Donda flopped IMO, but Drake did not. Anytime HOV or (HOVA not sure I see mixed answers on Google) steps on a track with Drake it is a must-listen. The duo did not disappoint this time

Adam Krieger: Fair Trade ft. Travis Scott – Drake

I am a huge fan of Travis and the type of music he makes. They are typically very upbeat songs that can be bumped at a party or while in the gym. They got some great lines on a fire beat, I mean what else can you ask for.

Adam Krieger: No Friends In The Industry – Drake

I love a good old fashion dis-track and this seems like that. I assume he is calling out Kanye. so Drake makes sure his lines are on point and just flexing on everyone. I mean the name kinda gives that up anyway…. also Drakes’ Sha’carri Richardson line makes this song an auto add

Adam Krieger: IMY2 feat Kid Cudi – Drake

This song brings me back to like 2013 Kriegs back when Drake was associated with “being in your feels” Kid Cudi is also one of my all time fav musicians from back in the day, so this song does it all

Courtney Plumer: Family Ties (with Kendrick Lamar) – Baby Keem

All I’m going to say is Kendrick is back.

Courtney Plumer: I Wonder – Kanye West

Kanye’s old stuff will forever be his best.

Courtney Plumer: Elevators (Me & You) – Outkast

Can’t ever go wrong with Outkast, good song to listen to while driving

This week’s playlist was a lot more normal than the past few. Who knows what next week will bring?

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