Hockey Guy Trey
Hockey guy Trey goes for fantasy glory after a successful first night in the first round of the 2021 playoffs. We built a big lead but the jobs not done.

Hockey Guy Trey Goes For Fantasy Glory: 2021 Round 1, Day 1

Story time.

I’m playing fantasy hockey for the first time in my life. I am now self-proclaimed hockey guy Trey. As a way of not forcing myself to work 14-hour shifts for the site, I’ve started to end my nights by watching hockey. Trey is a fast learner. He’s catching on quickly.

After a horrendous 3-6 start, team Icing Daubert squeaked into the playoffs finishing with a record of 7-7. After a lot of cheese and 26 acquisitions later, your boy’s team is HOT. It would have been completely and utterly embarrassing to miss the playoffs in anything fantasy related.

It’s time to make a run with a scrappy, cheese ridden team that’s clawing its way in the race. Jack Eichel decided to injure his neck, Patrik Laine decided to fight with Torts every night, and Carter Hart forgot how to play hockey. Doesn’t matter. Hockey guy Trey is still alive and night one of the playoffs went well.

Connor McDavid did his best to try to spoil the night but even he can’t slow this puppy down. Hey, Cayne Lander doesn’t know who you are! You’re not slowing Captain Dubert down, bro.

On night one, we had a big night from the goalies. Bluuuuuuuuueberry Juuuuuuuuuuuse Saros with a clutch win over Chicago. That was followed up with a Robin Lehner dub after being down 2-0 and coming back to win in the shootout. Lehner was perfect in the shootout. YOU CAN’T HURT ME ANYMORE CARTER HART!

Others stepped up with clutch contributions. Point Trey after the goal from Brayden Point. Miro Heiskanen with two monster points including one from a Jason Robertson goal who I just picked up this week. Young blood on the Stars can play.

Anyway, enjoy the reactions from Monday. I’m going to blog these every night until my fantasy hockey league season ends. Just wait until next year with all this knowledge that’s oozing into my brain. Sheeeeeesh. We have a big lead but the job is not done. Long week to go.

Also, if you want to follow along, below is the screengrabs of the lineup I’m working with this week.

Hockey Guy Trey
Hockey Guy Trey

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