Peri Goodman
Vendetta Sports Media is thrilled to be partnering with Peri Goodman

Vendetta Sports Media Excited to Announce Partnership With Peri Goodman

This summer has been huge for the Vendetta Sports Media family. After a massively successful couple of months that were highlighted by a promotional deal with the great DBS, Monkey Knife Fight, Vendetta is proud to announce yet another new partnership. That said, Vendetta Sports Media is proud to announce our new partnership with Peri Goodman!

Peri is a talented young artist who creates custom stickers to order. A decorated member of the Brock University Cheer team in St. Catherines, Ontario, Canada, Peri’s athletic background and her love of art have mixed quite nicely in creating a product that is both personal and creative.

Peri’s business started as a way to give back to her team with some new graphics for social media. At the start of the pandemic, despite the fact that the Brock Cheer team had just won their second world championship, the challenges surrounding Covid-19 meant that there would be no athletic banquet to be recognized at. Peri took matters into her own hands by creating graphics of recognition for the incredible achievements of her team. After taking some commissions to draw and print packs of stickers for hockey teams as the NHL was rumoured to resume in 2020, Peri’s work began to expand into university themed packs as acceptance season began in 2020. Today, she has created a wide-reaching base across Canada and has decided to expand that base with our help.

We could not be more excited to have Peri as a partner. At Vendetta, unrestrcited creativity is very important to us and Peri embodies that.

You can find Peri’s online portfolio on her instagram, @pgoodsfineart, or her Tik-Tok, @notpgoods. If you are looking to stand out this year, take a look and get your custom stickers now!