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More drama unfolds at ESPN, as an ex-employee calls out Adrian Wojnarowski for stepping on the careers of people with “diverse backgrounds.” (Image Credit: ESPN Images/Joe Faraoni)

More ESPN Drama with Former Analyst Singling Out Adrian Wojnarowski

ESPN drama continues to unfold in the aftermath of Rachel Nichols’ publicized remarks about Maria Taylor. Nichols was removed from NBA finals coverage by ESPN, with Malika Andrews taking her place on the sideline, but remarks made by a colleague of Nichols shed further light on potential discourse within the “worldwide leader of sports.” In a pre-show conversation between Taylor and co-hosts Jay Williams, Jalen Rose, and Adrian Wojnarowski, the ESPN NBA insider said Nichols was “a bad teammate”, implying her remarks were not surprising.

With the news breaking over the weekend, current and former ESPN employees alike have had their time to both digest and make subtleand not so subtle – comments about the situation. One rant, in particular, has made headlines. Ex-ESPN analyst Amin Elhassan was seemingly baffled by Wojnarowski calling another employee a poor team member.

Forty minutes into an episode of “The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz”, Elhassan went on a Wojnarowski-directed tirade. While discussing the current situation, he took the time to call out the apparent hypocrisy in Wojnarowski’s “bad teammate” comment. Elhassan’s remarks begin around the 41:03 mark of the show.

“Are you f–king s–tting me? This guy is going to call someone a bad teammate? For real? For real?”

VIA The New York Post

He went further, implying that the NBA insider has stepped on others’ careers because they had information and relationships that Wojnarowski did not possess, including people “of diverse backgrounds.”

“Do we want to talk about the black careers that he put a foot on because he was threatened by? Do we want to talk about that? Do you wanna talk about the newsbreakers — with an ’S’ — of diverse backgrounds, who have rapports with players that Adrian doesn’t have. That he saw as threatening because his sources are all front office people, and assistant coaches trying to move up, and maybe a video coordinator who’s trying to get a better job somewhere else?”

VIA The New York Post

“But he can’t talk to LeBron, and he can’t talk to Chris Paul or Damian Lillard or some of these other guys. He doesn’t have that rapport with them. So what he does is he steps on them … He steps on a lot of people over there.”

VIA The New York Post

However, Elhassan has had a longstanding public feud with Wojnarowski. According to Awful Announcing, the “beef” between the pair – whether one-sided or not – began in 2014 when Elhassan criticized the then-Yahoo Sports insider’s reporting of LeBron James’ decision to opt-out of his contract. Wojnarowski has yet to respond to Elhassan’s current allegations.


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