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Vendetta Roundtable: Who Will Be The Best Quarterback From 2020 NFL Draft?

Vendetta Roundtable

(Brian Spurlock/USA Today)

Vendetta Roundtable
Time for another Vendetta Roundtable. 5 columnists from the site pick which quarterback will have the best career from the 2020 NFL Draft. (Brian Spurlock/USA Today)

Vendetta Roundtable: Who Will Be The Best Quarterback From 2020 NFL Draft?

The Vendetta Roundtable the site did with the Bulls topic was a success in terms of views. We will continue the trend by doing more group wide topics where our writers can contribute. It provides a varied thought process and brings in numerous opinions. The next Vendetta Roundtable is about the 2020 NFL Draft. Which quarterback will have the best career from this draft class?

Trey Daubert

I think it’s Tua Tagovailoa and I‘m not sure it’s close. He’s just on another level in terms of quick thought process and fast twitched movements. Tua is a generational prospect. They don’t make quarterbacks often that can do what Tua does. It’s why I compared him to Russell Wilson a long time ago. Combine that with elite ball placement and Tua is the only choice here. I wouldn’t call the Dolphins a fantastic landing spot but they’re a team with a ton of draft picks and a coach that seems to know what he’s doing.

It’s better than what Joe Burrow and Justin Herbert have. Burrow gets the AFC North and Cincinnati’s ownership. Good luck. Herbert has Anthony Lynn and a fan base that doesn’t care about the team. Good luck. I’ll take playing in the AFC East right now any day of the week.

Alex Chick III

Tua will be the best QB from the 2019 NFL Draft. No disrespect for Joe Burrow, but Tua is in a better chance to succeed, but I also think he’s the better talent. The Ravens and the Browns will be running the AFC North for awhile, while the Bengals will be trying to pass just one of them.

For the Dolphins, Tua has to pass just the Bills for now. The Dolphins are on the right track. Tua is a helluva talent and can be one of those QBs that can transform a team. Joe Burrow is a great QB, but I’m not sure if he can transform a team like Tua.

Vendetta Roundtable
Tua Tagovailoa dominated the discussion in the Vendetta Roundtable. A surprise QB came in 2nd. (Jonathan Bachman/Getty Images/TNS)

Scott Logush

Jordan Love will be the best quarterback when it’s all said and done. He has an incredible arm and while his mechanics could use a ton of work he’ll be sitting for at least the next 2 years. The quarterback he’s going to be sitting behind? Aaron Rodgers one of, if not the, best quarterback talents in NFL History. Love was also drafted to the best organization out of him, Burrow and Tua in the form of the Green Bay Packers. The Packers have the better general manager, a much better track record in the 21st century and have by far the best team compared to the Bengals and Dolphins, Burrow and Tua’s teams respectively. People crap on this pick but I can see Love being the best quarterback of this draft class.

Zach Black

The Best Quarterback of the 2020 draft will be Tua Tagovailoa. Not only is he going to be the best rookie quarterback this year but he will have the best career out of the class when it’s all said and done. First, let’s point out what he does exceptionally well Tua is an aggressive passer who doesn’t hesitate to challenge defenses downfield. That is a good sign that will make his transition to the NFL easier, especially when we add on he played under an NFL system last year at Alabama. He throws a very good deep ball, showing a quality arm and an ability to place his passes well downfield. He’s accurate on his deep passes as well even though he doesn’t have the biggest arm which in reality won’t matter. He’s going to be able to make every pass he needs to make. In the pocket, Tagovailoa shows patience and doesn’t panic when his first read is covered. With his presence and feel, he has the ability to function in a vertical passing offense.

Now if you compare him to Joe Burrow someone who had one great year under Joe Brady surrounded with multiple first round picks on both sides of the ball. Well what does Burrow do better than Tua, honestly does he do anything better than Tua? We saw Joe Burrow without Joe Brady and he stunk! I mean seriously how do I not hold that against him he’s not going to be surrounded with all the talent in the world in Cincinnati like he was in LSU. Tua, on the other hand, I believe even with the non-all-pro talent surrounding him with his best receiver being Devante Parker will be able to outproduce and out gain Burrow. That’s not even the scary part Tua’s only going to be getting better. The only way I see anyone saying anyone was better than Tua might’ve been early in his career but I doubt Burrow will even succeed at the next level to be a pro bowler, I believe Tua will be an MVP. But the scary thing is how much better he’s going to get I mean his skills allow him to do so many different things his development will be insane so while the Jordan Love and Jacob Eason’s of the world might develop into something great by the time they do well Tua will be light-years above them.

Adam Ramirez

Jordan Love will be the best QB of the 2020 NFL draft class. And it all has to do with COVID-19.

Joe Burrow is talented, but his performance was heavily aided by the weapons around him at LSU. While he could develop into a star, this offseason is not a great start. Every day that passes without Burrow getting live reps at the professional level is a detriment. Add that to the fact that the two biggest talents on the Bengals’ offense (Green and Mixon) are injury-prone and headed for contract disputes, and this could end up being a disaster for Burrow. At this point, Joe is just as likely to end up being a successful starting QB in the NFL as he is to follow in Josh Rosen’s footsteps.

Tua has a chance at being the best, but the injury concerns are too big. Hip issues at his age are not something that can be dismissed. COVID-19 has certainly prevented the Dolphins from getting a full assessment of the QB’s health condition. More importantly, I wonder whether Tua himself has been able to adequately assess his recovery given lack of access to diverse medical personnel and a true ability to test himself in practice. The hits are much harder at the NFL level than in college. It the hip crumbled after contact with a 20-year old, what will happen when a full-grown man gets to Tua?

Herbert has the tools to succeed in Los Angeles, but he looks extremely raw and slow in his mechanics. If coached well, he has the potential to the best QB in the draft. Unfortunately, coaching has not been one of the Chargers’ strong points for a while.

Jordan Love is not the most talented QB in this draft. But, the circumstances favor him greatly. He does not have to play this year. Or next year, for that matter. He can sit behind Aaron Rodgers and learn, whether Rodgers chooses to mentor him or not. When it is time to step in, Love will have the support of a coach who chose him and moved up in the draft to get him. More importantly, he will be next in line for an organization that has not gone without a star QB for almost 30 years. Love has the time and franchise history behind him. In an offseason where his fellow rookie QBs can’t even throw to their new receivers, that’s a big step ahead.


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