Vendetta Roundtable
Vendetta Roundtable: Who will be the best quarterback from the 2019 NFL Draft? 3 writers from the site weigh in. (Rob Ferguson-USA TODAY Sports)

We’re going to do another Vendetta roundtable regarding the 2019 NFL Draft. During the last post, we talked about which QB would wind up with the best career from the 2020 NFL Draft. Now we dive into the 2019 class. Let’s see what the members on the site had to say.

Trey Daubert

This one is a hard one for me. It’s why I posed the topic. I didn’t even do a rankings list for last year because I couldn’t decide. I liked Kyler Murray, Dwayne Haskins, and Drew Lock but wasn’t head over heels in love with any. I still think at the end of the day, it will be those 3 that have a shot at this. Daniel Jones doesn’t factor in here.

All 3 have big arms. I’d give the slight edge to Lock in terms of horse power over Murray. Physically, Haskins should be the guy. Athletically, it goes to Murray. Okay, Trey… stop puss footing around. I think any of the 3 could be the rigth answer.

I’ll go with Drew Lock here. I’ve been a fan of Lock for a long time. It’s going to be hard to overcome Daniel Snyder for Haskins. I think Lock has a chance to be a guy who I don’t just like but am in love with. His arm plays in Denver. They now have a sexy set of weapons. Lock is a 4 years starter at Missouri and looked really good as a rookie. The leadership looks there too. I don’t know how to quantify it but Lock has it. People underrate his talent. The arm talent isn’t just there it’s special.

Alex Chick III

There’s plenty to like about the QBs drafted in the 2019 NFL Draft. However, two stand out to me the most: Kyler Murray and Drew Lock. I think Kyler Murray will have the most individual success, meaning that he will put up plenty of stats, but he may not have enough around his team for playoff success. Kyler Murray is more talented than Drew Lock, but Lock has an overall better team. The Broncos have proven they can put a good team around their QBs and a defense to pair with it. Denver’s defense is still one of the best of the NFL. Plus, Drew Lock was busting defense with just Courtland Sutton, with more weapons, he’ll do great. Kyler Murray is a greater talent and maybe have better WRs for right now, but Drew Lock is set up more for success.

Scott Logush

Best 2019 Quarterback: Daniel Jones. When it comes to deciding who the best quarterback will be at the end of their careers mainly comes down to how good an organization is. Out of the Redskins, Cardinals, Giants and Jags, the Giants are the best organization hands down. Kyler Murray is the best talent, that is undeniable and I am by no means trying to say Daniel Jones is the better talent. But, I am saying Daniel Jones will have the better career. Jones put up more touchdowns despite playing fewer games than Kyler Murray. As long as Jones can limit turnovers he’ll have a fantastic career. Expect a massive leap in his 2nd season.