Sunflower Seeds
MLB will prohibit sunflower seeds and dip when baseball returns in the Covid-19 safety plan. Good luck with that. You’re better off canceling the season. (MLB)

MLB To Prohibit Sunflower Seeds And Chewing Tobacco In COVID 19 Safety Plan

MLB is trying to put together a safety plan for when baseball returns. They better get this shit figured out and figured out fast. July 1st is the target date for an 82 game season. Salary for the players is a big talking point. It may turn into a serious stumbling block. I thought that would be the biggest road block. Think again, MLB’s safety plan includes some drastic measures.

Jeff Passan of ESPN has reported that the safety plan will prohibit sunflower seeds and chewing tobacco. Pray for baseball. I’m not worried there will definitely not be a season.

“High-fives, fist bumps and hugs would be prohibited, as would spitting, tobacco use and chewing sunflower seeds. Fielders would be “encouraged to retreat several steps away from the baserunner” between pitches. First- and third-base coaches are not to approach baserunners or umpires, and players should not socialize with opponents.

A ball will be thrown away after it is touched by multiple players, and throwing the ball around the infield will be discouraged. Pitchers would have their own set of balls to throw during bullpen sessions, and personnel who rub baseballs with mud for the umpires must use gloves.”

There are so many problems with this. You will never be able to police this. I can say from personal experience. You have a better chance getting a hard core drug addict to quit than you do trying to take away sunflower seeds and or dip. Not going to happen. They will just sneak down in the tunnels. This is nonsense.

The balls get thrown away like candy anyway. That’s not any different. The interactions with fielders and base runners is nonsense. So what? You can’t do pick off moves now or even try to steal? How are you going to keep them 6 feet a part? It’s laughable.

Especially in the dugout? There’s not enough room to keep each player 6 feet apart. Especially now because rosters have to become expanded if there’s no minor league season. If this is baseball’s plan, the season is screwed. Tie a bow on it. Don’t even bother coming back.