Vegas Golden Knights NHL22 Franchise Mode: Episode 1

Gamer Trey is back. I finally got my hands on a PS5 so we’re here. I’m going to be running a lot of NHL22 content on our Twitch channel and plopping the footage over to YouTube. I’m going to be running a franchise mode with the Vegas Golden Knights in NHL22.

I chose the Knights for a few reasons. It’s also the only hockey stadium I’ve ever been to and it was a hell of a time. In episode one, we basically set up the team. I make some trades and free agent signings to set us up for the upcoming season.

I should warn everyone now. I probably suck because I haven’t played this game since 2015. This roster is also stacked and will only become more stacked given how absurd my general managing skills are. Although, I’ve found it VERY difficult to trade in this game so it’s going to be a challenge.

Enjoy episode one! We’ll be back with more eventually as I plan on running pure rebuilds with other teams.

Oh, and I manually put Jack Eichel on the roster because the Knights traded for him in real life. He was quite literally impossible to trade for in this game. It felt like the only fair thing to do given the circumstances.