JD Martinez
The implementation of the Universal DH is good news for the Red Sox. It makes it easier to trade JD Martinez which is the next logical step for Boston. (Staff Photo By Chris Christo/MediaNews Group/Boston Herald)

Universal DH Makes It Easier To Trade JD Martinez

#BringMookieBack2021. That’s the goal for 2021. 2020 was a lost season for the Red Sox anyway so Covid-19 actually was a nice distraction for what otherwise would have been a rough season in more ways than one. What we didn’t necessarily see coming right away was the implementation of the Universal DH. It’s something that should have been added a long time ago. There is no question this helps the Red Sox in the short term. Trading JD Martinez now becomes a hell of a lot more feasible.

Resetting the tax and reloading for 2021 is the goal. Moving on from an expensive and aging JD Martinez is the next logical thing on the to do list. Martinez is still productive which makes him easier to sell. Now there’s 15 additional teams that need a DH that went into the offseason not needing one initially.

Trading Martinez has to be next. Removing his salary just makes so much sense when it comes to bringing Betts back. Also, there’s a chance Martinez opts out if the Sox can’t trade him. There will be teams bidding for his services now that NL teams have the DH. There’s a lot of contending teams that would love to add a bat like Martinez to the middle of their lineup.

Things are slowly starting to fall into place for the Sox. Dealing Martinez for pitching and getting Chaim Bloom to develop the farm system has to be the priority for Boston to get back to contention. The Universal DH is another unforeseen break the Sox have gotten this Summer.