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Red Sox 2021 Plans

The Red Sox Are Doing A Bad Job Hiding Their 2021 Plans

Red Sox 2021 Plans
The Red Sox are doing a bad job hiding their 2021 plans. Does nobody else see what’s going on here? (JIM DAVIS/ BOSTON GLOBE STAFF)

The Red Sox Are Doing A Bad Job Hiding Their 2021 Plans

Oh, Chaim, you smooth SOB. Oh, Chaim, you sly dog. I love it when a plan comes together. I see right through your plan. Let me be the first to say, I LOVE IT. The Red Sox are either bad at hiding their plan for 2021 or I’m the only person that sees what’s going on.

The Boston Globe has reported that the Red Sox will hire Ron Roenicke as their next manager… whoops sorry. The Red Sox will hire Roenicke to be the “interim” manager.

We know what’s going on here. “Interim” means short term. Short term for whenever Alex Cora’s suspension runs out. However long that is, that’s how long Roenicke will run the show. Cora is coming back. Why else would they name Roenicke the “interim” manager? The same guy who was Cora’s bench coach.

Fans are upset that the Red Sox traded Mookie Betts. Sit tight guys, he’s coming back in a year.

Ken Rosenthal doesn’t just make shit up. Mookie Betts is going to the highest bidder. The Dodgers are going to be the only other team that’s competitive for his services. The perfect team to strap part of the David Price contract to.

C’mon, does nobody else see what’s going on here? 2020 is a reset year for the Sox. The Red Sox needed a jolt of young talent and payroll flexibility to sign Mookie long term. That trade did both of those things.

I’m going to tell you what’s going to happen for the rest of the 2020 season. Jackie Bradley is officially on the trade block. JD Martinez might want to pack his suitcase now. If Nathan Eovaldi or Chris Sale have big years, they might get moved too. The only untouchable player on the roster is Xander Bogaerts.

This is all about trying to win a championship in 2021. I love it when a plan comes together. Next year you’re looking at a lineup that will look something like this.

1: Mookie Betts (right)

2: Rafael Devers (third)

3: Xander Bogaerts (short)

4: Alex Verdugo (center)

5: Michael Chavis (DH/1st)

6: Andrew Benintendi (left)

7: Triston Casas (DH/1st)

8: Jeter Downs (second)

9: Christian Vazquez (catcher)

Now that’s a lineup. Downs has All-Star potential. Casas is going to be a star. If Alex Verdugo never improves from his rookie season, we’re still looking at a quality big league regular. Benny will take another step forward. Chavis has some serious power potential. You know what you’re getting 1-3. I love it when a plan comes together.

JD Martinez will get moved for pitching. Sam with Bradley at the deadline. The pitching staff needs work but there is a core of position players they will provide serious punch. Just be patient Sox fans. The plan is in motion.


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