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Uneducated Colin Cowherd Botches This Key Fact While Analyzing Oregon, Washington

Colin Cowherd
The most uneducated man in sports Colin Cowherd made a complete fool out of himself for botching this key fact while reviewing Washington and Oregon. (Jerry Lai-USA TODAY Sports)

Uneducated Colin Cowherd Botches This Key Fact While Analyzing Oregon, Washington

I will be as honest and transparent as I can possibly be right now. I hate Colin Cowherd and would love to punch him in his ugly face. Especially after the way the scumbag Logan Camden thing went down. I know that I can’t legally do that so instead I will make a fool out of him when I find it necessary. Today is one of those days.

Again, I’ll remain as honest and transparent as possible. I shamefully still watch one Cowherd video per week. I know, I can hear the disappointment from you as I’m typing this. The rest of the dirt I leave to @BackAftaThis to uncover (also feel free to tweet at him and tell him to accept the job at Vendetta Sports. You would get more Cowherd dirt that way). The one video I watch per week is the college football segment he does with Joel Klatt. If you look at Cowherd’s YouTube channel, I fear a lot of people are like me and only watch that video each week based on the view numbers.

One of the reasons why I watch Klatt is because he’s the only guy who’s willing to call out Cowherd for his nonsense. I documented this in the past. None of the other guests are ever willing to do it. You know if Trey was ever in that spot, Cowherd would get blasted for the fool he is. Credit to Klatt for calling him out and doing the right thing.

Klatt is really good at what he does. Once again, he spotted the poo that Cowherd was spewing immediately.

Transcribed by Awful Announcing:

“Here’s what I loved about it,” Cowherd told Fox analyst Joel Klatt on Thursday’s episode of The Herd. “LSU, Colorado, USC. A lot of transfers. A lot of flash. I watched two foundational programs, great coaches, great players.”

“Really?” Klatt asked. “You know the tackle from Oregon [Taki Taimani] was a transfer from Washington?”

“You can have one,” Cowherd said with a smile.

“That’s OK. Just continue, that’s fine,” Klatt replied, before bringing up the two most obvious examples of Washington and Oregon utilizing the transfer portal: each team’s star quarterback.

“[Washington quarterback] Michael Penix, wasn’t he a transfer? Oh that’s right. Go ahead,” Klatt said, before adding, “Wait, wasn’t [Oregon quarterback] Bo Nix a transfer — oh, no, no, no. Continue. But you’re right. They were foundationally built, not through the transfer portal, except for their quarterbacks.”

“That said,” Cowherd replied, before seemingly pivoting from his initial point and flatly asking Klatt: “how good is Washington?”

Side note: Before I begin, check out my draft notes from this past week. The Oregon vs. Washington game was heavily featured in the post.

Comical how stupid Cowturd is. That guy is such a joke. By the way, it’s not just a small handful either. It’s not just both starting quarterbacks either. Washington has brought in 21 transfers since 2021. Here is a tracker listing all of those players. Oregon took 15 from the portal just this past year. If you actually watch the games, you likely recognize most of the names.

The funniest part is Cowherd was at the game and gets paid millions of dollars to know what’s happening. Even attending the game in person, the guy still remained uneducated on the fact that the two programs had so many transfers.

Also, this is not the first time that he has blatantly lied about a college football topic this year.

Imagine getting paid millions of dollars per year to cover sports while knowing nothing about sports. It’s a great con job. You gotta give him that. The craziest part is he now has his own sports network and couldn’t have less of a clue on how to acquire talent. He’s done nothing but spread his uneducated ways and hire more hacks.

Speaking of hacks, let’s check back in on the scumbag…

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