The Ultimate Fighter 29
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The Ultimate Fighter 29 Episode 5: Everything You Missed

The Ultimate Fighter 29 aired its 5th episode on Tuesday night, and man, oh man, was it a good one. In my opinion, every episode this season has been lights out so far, and Episode 5 was no different. The episode had everything: coaches feuding, fighters chirping, and a great fight.

Feuds Galore

Feuds spilled over from Episode 4 in abundance. Ortega and Volkanovski continued their bickering, and Mitch and Andre had a little spat about the coach’s feud. The trash talk between fighters, coaches, and basically anyone who breathes in the vicinity of the show is one aspect of the show I missed dearly.

Bryan Battle vs. Kemran Lachinov

The fight on this week’s episode was a middleweight bout between Bryan Battle (5-1) and Kemran Lachinov (10-3) for a spot in the semifinals. Battle, an all-around fighter, has the most success in the striking category. Lachinov seems to be whatever he needs to be to win. Whether he needs to outstrike his opponent or take them down, he seems to always have an answer.

The Fight

Round 1:

Early in the fight, both fighters were landing clean shots, but neither seemed to be phased by being hit. Battle was the much taller fighter and had a reach advantage, which he was using well in the first round. He was landing jabs and staying out of range. Lachinov shot two double legs mid-way through the round, but Battle did a great job defending them and stuffed them both. At the end of the round, Lachinov literally walked forward with his hands at his side and ate 4 or 5 clean punches and a vicious head kick and seemingly took zero damage. The first round was filled with action, and both fighters landed at high clips, but Battle did a better job controlling the cage, which is why I gave him the round (10-9).

Round 2:

Lachinov seemed to be gassed in the second round and started throwing wild shots that got him in some trouble. Battle dominated the second round and pretty much did whatever he wanted for 5 minutes. Landing shots, stuffing takedowns, slipping punches, it was a flat-out clinic from Battle. At the end of the fight, Bryan Battle emerged victorious by unanimous decision, securing a spot in the semifinals and getting a much-needed win for Team Volkanovski.

Fight number six of The Ultimate Fighter 29 will feature Ricky Turcios and Dan Argueta in a bantamweight showdown. Both of these men are up-and-coming bantamweight prospects with a lot to prove, so this fight should be a good one. Tune in next week for my recap of Episode 6 of The Ultimate Fighter 29.

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