Ty'Son Williams
Can Ty’Son Williams save your fantasy team? The opportunity is there but does this guy actually have the ability? (Scott Taetsch/Getty Images)

Ty’Son Williams: Will He Save Your Fantasy Team?

The fantasy gods hate me but maybe you’re snake bit like me too. Running backs are hard enough to find. When you lose three of them in what seems like five seconds, we’re past the point of plan B. JK Dobbins fantasy owners are sad enough. Now Gus Edwards owners have been burned too. Everybody needs a running back but can we actually count on Ty’Son Williams to save your fantasy team?

Talent and opportunity create fantasy success. The only issue is, I’m not sure Williams is talented. It takes a lot for me to not know someone. I can say for a fact I don’t remember seeing a snap of Williams at South Carolina, North Carolina, or BYU. If I told you this guy was 25, you wouldn’t believe me. I don’t think he makes the Ravens roster prior to the injuries. Justice Hill sucks but he likely would have been the third running back here.

Williams almost has no college production. In fact, his best year ever came at South Carolina in where he rushed for 471 yards. In that season, Williams had a whooping one touchdown. That was in 12 games for the Gamecocks. This guy might suck. We’re not in practice with the Ravens. Nobody actually knows if this dude can even play.

That, of course, is the biggest concern. Baltimore also signed Maurice Clarett, Opps… I meant Le’Veon Bell and Devonta Freeman. Both of whom are totally washed. Have nothing left. It’s a matter of if washed is better than undrafted and unproven.

The positive is that this is an offense you want your running back to be part of in fantasy. Nobody runs the football more than Baltimore. The touches are going to be there. If Williams has a lick of ability, he’s going to score. Just the bottom line.

Can Ty’Son Williams save your 2021 fantasy team? Nobody has a clue. The only thing we know for sure is that the tears from JK Dobbins’ injury still haven’t stopped. Williams is certainly worth a flier but you’re lying if you know the outcome of this one.

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