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T’Vondre Sweat 2024 NFL Draft Profile

T'Vondre Sweat
T’Vondre Sweat goes under the microscope for the 2024 NFL Draft Profile series. Check out the deets on the former Texas product. (Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports)

T’Vondre Sweat 2024 NFL Draft Profile

It’s time (insert Bruce Buffer voice) to talk about the big fella from Texas. What should NFL Draft fans make of T’Vondre Sweat? We’re going to get into the mud with this one so I won’t waste any more time. Here is your T’Vondre Sweat 2024 NFL Draft Profile!

I guess we’ll start here. Sweat was just arrested for a DWI where his BAC was out of control. Obviously, not the smartest idea in the world when you’re a few weeks away from the draft. We here at Vendetta live our life via the Chinese Farmer. Maybe it’s a big deal. Maybe it’s not. It’s important to remember Dak Prescott and Jordan Love did similar things prior to the draft (Dak had a DUI and Love had weed charges). Both turned into starting caliber players. Let’s not totally overreact here but let’s keep it in the back of our minds too. More than anything, it’s something for teams to dive into when they get to interview the player. Something I obviously don’t have access to right now so we’ll keep it moving.

To cut right to the chase, I have Sweat as a red-chip starting caliber player. Nose tackles like this don’t grow on trees and the overall impact he has on the game is much better than the initial stats will tell you. Sweat played at Texas for five years but only was able to notch five total sacks. I really don’t care and neither should you because it really doesn’t tell the story.

The Longhorns held opponents to 82.6 rushing yards per game. That was good for third in the nation and first in the Big 12. This was against real competition too including what was previously an out-of-conference game against Alabama. In that game, the Crimson Tide averaged 3.0 yards per carry on 35 attempts (further breakdown can be seen in the stock report notes). It was the worst game I can physically remember Alabama having in terms of running the football. It had almost everything to do with Sweat just being a prick eating up the entire middle of the field.

Stopping the run is important and if NFL teams aren’t going to value him… I’ll gladly take him. I think Sweat compares favorably to DJ Reader, who teams took in the 5th round for the same reasons that Sweat will drop in the draft. Lack of sack production, slow 40, no killer explosion traits. Those people will learn the hard way when the load in the middle wrecks the game.

By the way, Sweat affects the passing game. It’s just not in the way that people are used to. The man is an artist in terms of deflecting balls. If Sweat can’t reach the quarterback, he has this canny ability to deflect balls in the air. He has nine over the last two years and created chaos on several others. It’s something we talked about all year. The Huntsville, Texas native checks in at 6-foot-5, 366, and over 33 inch arms. Giant hands too. The guy is the problem when he decides to jump and try to deflect balls.

Maybe Sweat isn’t a three down player but neither is Jordan Davis and he went in the first round. Davis is more athletic than Sweat but it’s not like he’s unathletic. Honestly, I thought his Combine performance was encouraging. The 5.27 on the 40 isn’t ideal but if you’re asking this guy to run 40 yards down the field something incredibly wrong has happened. More importantly, I thought he looked good during the on-field portion of the drills.

When you really dig through this, the more you really want to believe in the player. Last year he won the the Outland Trophy, First-team Associated Press All-American, and Big 12 Defensive Player of the Year. Even the voters didn’t screw this up. Has NFL bloodlines too. His brother is Eagles pass rusher Josh Sweat and he’s damn good (something I also tried to tell you years ago but that’s a topic for another day).

Look, I really like the player. It’s not just the fact that he’s big. The height is a real problem. Think he has a nasty side and is powerful. Every team should have a guy like this but they’re incredibly hard to find.

I have a firm top of the second round grade on Sweat. Can’t quite go first round just because he’s not on the field all the time. However, he’s extremely good at what he does. Maybe not quite Vince Wilfork good but he will be that type of player. I want this guy on my team and would find a way to prioritize him on draft day.

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