Colin Kaepernick
Colin Kaepernick defenders are fighting the wrong fight. Kaepernick isn’t getting screwed over but I can list players who did for kneeling for the anthem. (Marcio Jose Sanchez/Associated Press)

Colin Kaepernick Defenders Are Fighting The Wrong Fight

Again before I begin, I would like to preface the article by saying I’m pro human rights. Health care should be free and so should college. I actually voted for someone who supports human rights. Unlike most of the people tweet out things about the protests despite the fact that their actions suggest otherwise.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Colin Kaepernick is constantly is the news. Why? I have no idea. Kaepernick might be the face of kneeling for the National Anthem. It doesn’t change the ugly truth that he doesn’t belong in the NFL because he’s not good enough. Kaepernick only has himself to blame for why he’s not in the league. Kaepernick defenders are fighting the wrong fight.

I’m sure this will be a controversial blog when it shouldn’t be at all. You can’t go 1-10 as a starter and think you deserve a job. You can’t average a completion percentage of fewer than 60 percent in your career and think you deserve a job. You can’t average 178 passing yards per game and think you deserve a job. Kaepernick shouldn’t be in the NFL. Especially now that his athleticism is deteriorating into his 30’s which is the only reason he was semi valuable in the first place.

I want to talk about some players that ACTUALLY got screwed over because of kneeling for the anthem. Colin Kaepernick is not one of them.

Bruce Maxwell would be a good place to start. Maxwell is truly out of MLB because he took a knee. The most hilarious part is that he was born in Germany comes from a military family. Maxwell had a bad 2018 season but he can certainly still play. Maxwell was a former 2nd round pick and just hit .325 in a Mexican baseball league. Maxwell is also 29 years old and teams always need catching depth. NFL teams don’t need 4 quarterbacks. MLB teams realistically need 4 catchers who are ready to play in the Majors with two stashed in the minors. Trying to get Maxwell back in baseball would be more productive.

Kaepernick isn’t even the most screwed over former 49er. That would be his teammate Eric Reid who took a knee with Kaep on more than one or two occasions. The only difference is he plays defense so you didn’t care as much. Kaep never made the Pro Bowl. Eric Reid did.

Reid was a very good player for the 49ers. After Reid’s rookie contract expired, San Francisco let him walk and test the market in 2018. NOBODY signed Reid until September 27th. Week 1 started the 6th. Let me repeat that. A Pro Bowl safety sat on the market past free agency, past the draft, after rookie minicamp, after training camp, after the preseason, and multiple weeks into the season.

You want to talk about injustice? How about we start there. Eventually, Carolina did eventually sign Reid. They quickly realized “wow we got a really good player for free.” A year later, Carolina signed Reid to a 3-year extension worth $22 million. It doesn’t change the fact that kneeling for the anthem cost Reid millions.

Want to hear something even more fucked up? Justin Reid, Eric’s brother, should have been a first round pick in 2018 coming out of Stanford. Justin Reid wasn’t the best safety in the draft. That title went to either Minkah Fitzpatrick and or Derwin James. However, the younger Reid brother was definitely the next one who should have been off the board. Reid was routinely mocked in the first round.

Did Reid go in the first round? Nope… How about the second round? NOPE. Reid fell to the third round for no reason. He fell to the third round because his brother took a knee. You want to talk about fucked up and getting screwed over cause of injustice? How about we talk about that one. Reid ran a 4.40 at the combine. It was laughable he fell in the draft.

Justin Reid has done nothing but turn into a terrific pro for Houston. In two years, he has 5 interceptions, 15 pass deflections, and solidified the back end of the Texans secondary. He lost millions because his brother took a knee.

Colin Kaepernick only has himself to blame for being out of the NFL. Forget about the on field performance or lack thereof. Don’t show up to press conferences wearing a Fidel Castro shirt and get into debates with a Cuban exile reporter about how great Castro was while all he did was oppress people.

OR how about the part where the Ravens were actually going to sign Kaepernick and then his girlfriend tweeted out a picture of the Ravens team owner comparing him to a slave owner for no reason. Just for Ray Lewis hugging him after they won the Super Bowl. Bet you forgot about that one too. I don’t know Steve Bisciotti or his personal beliefs but he was the one guy willing to give Kaepernick a chance (when he didn’t deserve one) and has been a terrific owner. The Ravens are one of the best run teams in the NFL. He’s also never been accused of anything bad in the past.

I hate to even say this but it’s the truth. If you’re angry that Colin Kaepernick is out of the league, you’re just not educated. There is plenty of injustice when it came to players kneeling for the anthem. Let’s be honest, do you even know why the anthem is a thing? It’s a silly tradition, to begin with. Kaepernick isn’t getting screwed over. Let’s focus on the players who actually did.