Trey Daubert
Trey Daubert has joined the Tik Tok world?

Trey Daubert Has Joined The Tik Tok World?

If you don’t blend in with the kids, you start to get old quick. I already feel old so let’s not go down the other path. I am here to announce that I (Trey Daubert) has joined the Tik Tok world. Weird… but it’s true.

Does Tik Tok make sense to me? Not even a little. Does it sort of creep me out? 100 percent. Do I think famous Tik Tokers have a shred of talent? Absolutely not. Having said that, here we are.

I don’t have a real plan for this yet but as of right now, I’m on Tik Tok. Eventually, the plan will be to have the site transition there as well. For now, most of the content on there will be from That’s Some Cheese. Maybe I add other site-related stuff there. Who knows.

I want to make this much clear, I’m not touching the account. I want nothing to do with the uploading of content on there. My guy all day JK Dobbins, Alex Jacobs will be running the account. Producer Alex is moving up the chain of command so he will be doing a bunch as the company grows.

Side note: I’m not running any of the social media accounts anymore.

Once the podcast has a stable following and enough uploads, who knows what’s coming next. I know next to nothing about the Tik Tok world. I heard the name Addison Rae for the first time ever the other day. No idea who she is but I know I’ll outdance her and all the Hellions on that platform. Does dance minor Trey come out of retirement?

Maybe a video of me working out on there will be posted. I always felt like I could have had a promising career as an underwear model. When the office is up and running, there could end up being content of me doing that. The possibilities are endless.

PS: Scratch that, the kids wouldn’t say that. This Tik Tok slaps? No? Maybe?

Long story short go follow me on Tik Tok. You will be as surprised as I am with what’s posted.