Never Use Social Media
How much would it cost you to delete social media forever? (Photo via: Siam Pukkato/

Never Use Social Media Again – Name Your Price

How much to never use social media again?

I spend so much time using social media and wasting my days away aimlessly scrolling Twitter, Instagram, and even Tik-Tok nowadays. Especially since quarantine started in March, I feel like my phone is glued to my hand and my thumb is getting ripped doing the same motion over and over. So I had a thought, how much would someone have to offer me to never use those apps again?

I posed the question to the Vendetta group chat, more looking as a conversation started and to build some team commodore. The answers honestly shocked me. I posed the question to them with the one caveat that they could forget career purposes, since for work we get tons of story ideas and breaking news from those apps.

Trey Daubert, the founder of this website said “$0 dollars” I mean come on, never be able to scroll Twitter and get a good laugh off? You can never go look at those pictures of that girl again.

Chad Bauman, who is Trey’s right hand man said “$1,000,000,000.00. I don’t even fuck with social media like that. I’m just tryin to get paid.” That is way closer to the answer I was thinking in my head and I do fuck with social media “like that”.

Shane Davis said he would need 1+ million to never use any social media again.

Anthony Fontanello said he would delete it for $50,000 but he does enjoy his sports news getting to him quickly, as well as his humor.

Maybe it is because I grew up in the early stages of social media, but one of my favorite things to do on Sunday during football is going to scroll Twitter and see what others thought of the huge play. I want to go see how others are roasting Daniel Jones for falling flat on his face running down a wide-open field.

My final answer? I would say $2 million dollars, I would delete the apps and never look back. I would for sure miss getting the breaking news right away and feel like I am missing out on the joke, but I would be counting my cash while crying.

Actually…. you give me a duffle bag of a million dollars and there isn’t much I could say no to….

Never use social media again? Name your price