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Trey Daubert

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Trey Daubert is Clutching at Straws

Trey Daubert
The CEO of Vendetta Sports Media, Trey Daubert, is losing his mind if he thinks I’m paying up on a bet I never lost.

Trey Daubert is Clutching at Straws

“It’s the same goal differential and the better result.” Wah, Wah, Wah. Honestly, I’ve never met anyone as good damn whiny as El Capitan, Trey Daubert. He wants me to honor a bet I didn’t even lose, meanwhile I’m still waiting on him to pay his debts for losing to me in fantasy hockey during the regular season. At least he admitted such in his awfully put-together piece.

I can hear him now! “It’s the same goal differential.” And if your aunt was a man, she’d be your uncle. Stop clutching at straws. I mean we all know he hasn’t been the same since Vegas, but I think all that ‘medicine’ is finally affecting Big Unc’s brain.

This is a man who is openly looking to go to Turkey for hair transplant surgery, so he doesn’t look like a fifty-year-old virgin anymore and we’re supposed to take him seriously? Turkey would probably kill him believing he’s the demon spawn. His only hope would be the sun reflecting off his bald head and momentarily blinding them so he can make his getaway.

Look the easiest way to settle this is by using the good ol’ sports books. If I’d placed a bet on the Avalanche winning 8-1 in game two of the Stanley Cup Final (which they won comfortably) at say 1000-1 (I’ve no idea what the actual odds were), and then rolled up expecting my winnings just because the goal differential was the same!?! I’d get laughed out of that establishment. And rightfully so! It’s a specific bet and it didn’t come true, goal differential or not.

Trey Daubert, or El Capitan if you will, needs to stop clutching at straws or he’s gonna have less of them than he does hair. And bring back Tann you bully!

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