Kanye West
Kanye West never stopped making good music, his musical genius still continues to this day. Jerritt Clark/Stringer

Don’t listen to the noise, Kanye West never stopped making good music.

An article was recently published by a fellow Vendetta writer titled, KANYE WEST IS NOT A MUSICAL GENIUS ANYMORE, ACCEPT IT. Before I dive deep into the topic I want to credit the author Alex Chick III, you wrote a great article but I simply have to disagree. Let’s dive in!

Kanye’s Early Career

No one can deny the waves Kanye created in the rap world of the early 2000s. With his drop of The College Dropout, Late Registration, Graduation, and 808’s and Heartbreaks. Kanye dominated the early 2000s with 4 platinum selling albums. He followed these 4 albums with what is regarded as his best album to date, My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy in 2010. Here is where Alex and I agree. MBDTF is easily the best project from Kanye, it contains a handful of his most famous songs and the production on the album can not be beaten. With the help of greats like Bon Iver and Mike Dean, Kanye created an absolute masterpiece filled with mesmerizing beats and vocals. But let’s dive into where I believe Alex is wrong.

Music after MBDTF

Following MBDTF, Kanye has dropped 4 more of his own albums. Those albums being Yeezus, The Life of Pablo, Ye, and Jesus Is King. In Alex’s article he spoke about how since MBDTF, Kanye has fallen off and is not the same musical genius he used to be. That statement is just false. When it comes to Yeezus, Alex highlights Blood On The Leaves as the only listenable song. My first reaction to this statement is that he must have muted the rest of the album. Songs like Black Skinhead, New Slaves, and Hold My Liquor all highlight the undeniable talent that Kanye has when it comes to his production. He recruited talents like Chief Keef, Daft Punk, and No I.D just in the few songs I named above. These are songs that can not be overlooked and I didn’t even mention Bound 2!!

What about TLOP and Ye?

When it comes to albums like The Life of Pablo and Ye I struggle to see the flaws that Alex does. On the topic of TLOP, Alex states,

Father Stretch My Hands Part 1 and 2 were good songs, Waves, Famous, and Ultralight Beam were great. That’s about, what 30% of the album? The rest left much to be desired, get real.

Alex Chick III

His statement is not wrong. Father Stretch My Hands Parts 1 & 2, Famous, Waves, and Ultralight Beam are all great. But what happened to the other 15 songs?? Kanye gives us greats like Highlights, Real Friends, Wolves, 30 Hours, and No More Parties in LA on TLOP. In my opinion, the five songs I listed are even better than the ones Alex did. Scratch that, I even believe Real Friends is a better song itself than all the five he named. These songs feature insane guest appearances from Rihanna, Young Thug, Kendrick Lamar, and Frank Ocean. The addition of these artists make TLOP such a great album to listen to completely through.

The album Ye is also such a bright spot in Kanye’s long career. For this album, it is apparent Kanye took some sort of backseat and wanted to highlight the great artists he works with. The upcoming artist 070 Shake can be seen all over the album, along with multiple features from PartyNextDoor and Kid Cudi. At only a small 7 songs, Ye gives us a side of Kanye we never saw. He discusses his mental illness along with the struggles of being a father and husband. He speaks his truth over some of the best samples he has used and the product falls far from awful.

Kanye West is still a genius!

Many people differ when it comes to who they give the title genius to. When it comes to music, the title of genius is tossed around with some of the greatest artists ever. This title was once given to Kanye West and I’m still really confused on why it was taken away or even questioned. MBDTF was Kanye’s peak, no one can deny that. But you have to be crazy to say he has not created genius music since. Jesus is King aside (and I think we can agree this one wasn’t it), Kanye has continued to create music that has pulled numbers. At 43 years old, Kanye is continuing to play the role of father time and releasing great music to this day.