Jack Edwards
Trash Talk Tuesday returns. Jack Edwards is the single worst broadcaster in the NHL. NESN needs to fire him. Edwards is brutal to listen to. (Fred Kfoury III/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

Trash Talk Tuesday: Bruins Broadcaster Jack Edwards Stinks

Adam Krieger’s random post series reminded me this Trash Talk Tuesday segment needs to come back. It’s called Vendetta for a reason. We take shots. Deal with it.

The first Trash Talk Tuesday post I did was about Mina Kimes. I even left the post open ended. A year later, I’ve come to the same conclusion. I still don’t know what she does. I still have never heard a viral clip about her making a good point. I still don’t think she has an identity outside of people knowing her for working at ESPN.

Well, I have a new target this time and I’m going to be a bit more visceral. The Bruins play by play guy Jack Edwards stinks. He’s flat out unbearable to listen to. In fact, he’s so bad that I’m not quite sure how NESN hired him. Listening to Edwards for more than two minutes is virtually impossible.

Let me just show you an example of how bad Jack Edwards is. This is a goal by the Bruins to tie the game against the Flyers. On a play that should be super exciting, Edwards reacts to it as if he watched his pet turtle get run over by on going traffic. There’s no emotion. Is Jack Edwards calling the game or did they insert the GPS voice from Google Maps in the booth? Embarrassing, pathetic, and unwatchable.

Trey is a hockey guy now, in case you haven’t heard. I’ve been watching a shit ton of hockey. Jack Edwards is hands down the single worst broadcaster in the sport. Without question. In fact, he’s so bad that turning on the Sabres feels like a better alternative. I don’t know what NESN is doing but Edwards gotta go. Nails scratching the chalkboard doesn’t do it justice. Edwards is worse than that.

Side Note: Apparently Edwards used to work at ESPN as one of the SportsCenter anchors? That’s INCREDIBLE. Guy must be related to Queen Elizabeth or something to get the jobs he’s gotten.

Other Side Note: This happened and Edwards still has a job. You want to talk about bulletproof? WOW.