Trash Talk Tuesday
Introducing Trash Talk Tuesday. Things I don’t understand, Mina Kimes. Seriously, I want to know where the fascination comes from? Send in your replies. (Grant Lamos IV/Getty Images for AWXII)

We’re going to be doing a new weekly segment here at Vendetta. Introducing trash talk Tuesday. The idea to really go for it was Chach’s idea, but I kept it in the back of my mind after seeing this.

“-Should media members be more critical of each other?”

Fuck, yeah. We have never been afraid to criticize someone. We will just do it more often or at least on a weekly basis. Up first – Things I don’t understand, Mina Kimes.

Every sports media has a brand. Stephen A is the loud mouth idiot. He’s not my cup of tea but he has a following for a reason. You come for the show. Every media person at least has some sort of characteristic you can describe about them. Colin Cowherd hates Baker Mayfield, Nick Wright worships LeBron James, Bill Simmons cries a lot. Doris Burke does a hell of a job as a host for NBA games and Stephania Bell does fantasy injury news. They have something going for them whether you like them or not. Hell, people have even said to me “hey, you’re the guy that called Mitch Trubisky a 6th rounder, congrats”. Among other things, of course. I’m just a young pup on the up. Tell me what Mina Kimes’ brand is?

Seriously, I want to know. Where does the fascination come from? Name the viral clip or article made waves? Name that time where Mina Kimes made a great point that really made you think and never heard before? Does Mina Kimes have any real supporters that will defend her on this topic? I really want to know. I’d love to be wrong. Shit, I want to know one topic she stands for. Give me something, here. I’m being open ended. I’ll gladly move off my stance. Just give me something that proves me wrong.