Tracy McGrady
Is Tracy McGrady the biggest loser in NBA History? He let jealousy of a family member get in the way and became nothing except a big loser. (Andy Hayt/Getty Images)

Is Tracy McGrady The Biggest Loser In NBA History?

I recently watched a Vince Carter documentary on Netflix called ‘The Carter Effect’. If you haven’t checked it out, I would recommend it. I wouldn’t say the film is a special watch but it’s solid. I really only had one takeaway and it had nothing to do with Vince Carter. Is Tracy McGrady the biggest loser in NBA history?

McGrady and Carter are cousins. They got along great. They could have built a serious contender in Toronto. He left Toronto because it was Vince Carter’s team. That tells you all you need to know about McGrady. He was more interested in being the guy instead of a winner. This man left a family member behind because he was a jealous LOSER.

Here’s the funniest part. McGrady’s jealousy turned him into the biggest loser ever. I’m not joking. McGrady never won a first round playoff series. For the record, no he doesn’t get credit for the 2013 Spurs team. He was inactive for 15 of the playoff games. McGrady made the playoffs 8 times. He never advanced past the first round.

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What a coward. I’m not joking, I’m not sure I would show my face in public if I’m him. I might rather be homeless. He should just tattoo a permanent L on his forehead. It’s not like he played for terrible teams. Those Rockets teams with Yao Ming had some talent. That’s what McGrady gets. Forever known as the ultimate loser who also was extremely jealous of a third cousin. I can’t believe I almost forgot about all of this. It’s no surprise ESPN hired him, McGrady fits right in there.

Seriously, what’s McGrady’s legacy? 0-8 and more interested in losing rather than building a real winner. He could have built something special with Vince Carter. Karma took care of the rest. McGrady also had 6 different seasons shooting under 42 percent from the floor. An inefficient scoring that wanted to be the man but never got it done. Not the best legacy to have.