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Five Stocks To Buy Today On SimBull (5.11.21)


Buy, Buy, Buy These Five SimBull Stocks

I fell in love with the concept of SimBull the moment I heard about it. A combination of sports and the stock market? I couldn’t sign up fast enough! Whether you have joined SimBull already or plan to read this article and then join, here are five stocks to buy today on SimBull (in no particular order).

1. SimHornets – $24.43

For the first time in forever, the Charlotte Hornets have a future. Rookie LaMelo Ball is a superstar in the making, and Gordon Hayward was looking like his old self before going down with injury. In fact, the entire Hornets team has steadily improved all season and Charlotte has solidified its spot in the Play-In Tournament. The Hornets are an excellent buy at a cheap price that should only increase as the team matures.

2. SimCardinals (NFL) – $29.78

The Arizona Cardinals are a potential playoff team sitting under $30 – an absolute steal of a buy as long as quarterback Kyler Murray stays healthy. The Cardinals do have a tough road to the playoffs in a division as competitive as the NFC West, but the team is steadily moving in the right direction and currently sits at a very reasonable price.

3. SimRedSox – $30.71

The Boston Red Sox are the hottest team in baseball yet sit near the middle of the pack in price. Shortstop Xander Bogaerts has willed a team that many did not consider a serious threat to the best record in baseball, and Boston’s positioning in the standings and potential for a deep postseason run combined with their affordable cost easily makes them a worthwhile investment.

4. SimGrizzlies – $25.28

Like the Hornets, the Memphis Grizzlies are a young team with significant pieces of their rebuild emerging, as both the Ja Morant and Jaren Jackson Jr. picks are home runs. The team plays like a young team and loses a lot of close games and blows big leads, but the potential upside that comes with their surprisingly low cost is immense.

5. SimPanthers – $29.38

The Carolina Panthers aren’t just a potential playoff team, they are a playoff team. Sam Darnold is looking to show the world that he was wronged by the Jets, and the Panthers’ 2021 draft was a complete success. Carolina has arguably the greatest upside to any sub-$30 team on the entire app and are one of the best buys in the entire NFL, but the market does not believe in them yet. That is a mistake.

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