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Top 12 Fantasy Football Wide Receiver Rankings 2022

fantasy football wide receiver

fantasy football wide receiver
Justin Jefferson is the number one on my rankings of top fantasy football wide receivers (Hannah Foslien/Getty Images).

Top 12 Fantasy Football Wide Receiver Rankings 2022

In 2021, of the top twelve wide receivers in fantasy football, ten of them were a part of a top twelve passing offense. Also, ten of the top twelve also had 25+ red zone targets per game. Using these parameters and top passing offense betting odds, here are my top 12 fantasy football wide receiver rankings.

1. Justin Jefferson

Justin Jefferson is a superstar and my no doubt No. 1 fantasy football wide receiver. He finished as the WR4 last year, but the offense Kevin O’Connell institutes will vault Jefferson into the top guy. Kirk Cousins has the ability to explode this season and as Adam Thielen ages, the young star in Jefferson will only get better. He is a lock for double-digit touchdowns and will push for 1,700 receiving yards after his 1,616-yard performance last season.

2. Stefon Diggs

The Buffalo Bills will at the very worst have a top five offense in the NFL in 2022. Josh Allen is an elite quarterback and his No. 1 wideout should be considered elite as well. Stefon Diggs trailed just Cooper Kupp and Davante Adams in redzone targets last year with 41. Consequently, he only had 10 touchdowns. That number will only reach higher marks along with his 1,225 receiving yards. Clearly, I am high on Diggs, but you should be too since he’s a talented, alpha player with an elite quarterback on a top tier offense as a fantasy football wide receiver.

3. CeeDee Lamb

This argument is similar to the one I made for Stefon Diggs above: a high-volume passing offense that features a clear No. 1 wide receiver should boast incredible numbers. That sums up what Lamb will do in 2022. The third year wideout is just 23 years old and is only getting better. On an offense that lost Amari Cooper and Michael Gallup (for at least a few weeks), Lamb will be peppered with targets. Say what you will about Dak Prescott, but he can put up numbers as Dallas has been a top scoring offense the past three seasons when Prescott is healthy.

4. Ja’Marr Chase

Young NFL receivers are taking the league by storm and Ja’Marr Chase is the next man up. After one of the greatest rookie seasons we’ve ever seen by a wide receiver, Chase will only get better in his second year. Joe Burrow and the offense got better with new offensive line additions. The chemistry shown last season with Burrow was nothing short of incredible and that will continue this year. I would put Chase higher based on talent on an elite passing offense, but the presence of Tee Higgins will cap his touchdown upside.

5. Cooper Kupp

This ranking may come as a surprise. Cooper Kupp’s 1,947-yard, 16-touchdown season will not be matched in 2022. The injury to Robert Woods was huge towards Kupp’s production last year. Now the Rams added Allen Robinson to the offense who is absolutely no slouch. Kupp will still be a consistent fantasy football wide receiver option as he is incredible in the red zone and will get double-digit touchdowns. However, the expectations for yards and targets need to be tempered.

6. Davante Adams

Davante Adams is reunited with his college quarterback in Derek Carr, and will continue to put up exceptional numbers. Adams is the best pass-catcher in the NFL, so why isn’t he ranked higher as a fantasy football wide receiver? The answer simply comes down to having too many mouths to feed in Vegas. The presence of Darren Waller and Hunter Renfrow means Adams won’t see consistent targets like he did in Green Bay. But he will be the top dog for the Raiders, and I expect his red zone expertise will prevail on what is expected to be an exciting offense in 2022.

7. Deebo Samuel

Do I think Deebo Samuel will get 25 or more red zone targets in 2022? Absolutely not. With Kyle Shanahan, Samuel produces in other ways. The versatile weapon put up 1,405 yards through the air and 365 yards on the ground. Moreso, eight of Samuel’s 14 touchdowns were achieved through rushing the ball last season. I think Trey Lance will be an upgrade over Jimmy Garoppolo, but Deebo’s numbers through the air will be more erratic with the young quarterback. Fortunately, Deebo will still get his as a rushing option. Don’t get caught up in the Brandon Aiyuk hype, Samuel is still the top fantasy football wide receiver option in San Francisco.

8. Mike Evans

There aren’t many wide receivers more consistent than Mike Evans — especially with Tom Brady at the helm. Tampa Bay is a lock as a top-10 passing offense along with Evans to secure at least 25 red zone targets. Similar to other guys on this list, Evans has stiff target competition with Chris Godwin and Julio Jones. Standing 6-foot-5, Evans will still get plenty of looks in the endzone and capitalize on his 14-touchdown season in 2021.

9. Michael Pittman Jr.

This one may come as a shock to many, but I am a firm believer in Michael Pittman Jr. He came along towards the end of the season last year and finished as the WR15. That was with Carson Wentz. Last year, 22% of Pittman’s targets were deemed uncatchable, per Pro Football Reference. The inclusion of Matt Ryan will be huge for Pittman as he enters his third season. At 6-foot-4 he will be a go-to target in the endzone. That along with a solid offense that can push the ball down the field with Jonathan Taylor will ensure plenty of touchdown opportunities for Pittman.

10. Michael Thomas

Michael Thomas is a stud, that’s a fact. I know he’s missed 79% of his games the past two seasons, but he is fully healthy now. Since the retirement of Drew Brees, Thomas has scored more points per game. I am fully invested in the training camp hype train and believe in the talent of Thomas. We also have Jameis Winston slinging the ball. The same Winston who put up over 5,000 yards and 30+ touchdowns in 2019 (the last full season he played). The Saints offense will surprise people and put up points, and Thomas will be a key part of it.

11. Tyreek Hill

I’m going to be honest; I doubt Tyreek Hill gets extensive work in the red zone like the aforementioned wide receivers. It’s also reasonable to doubt Tua Tagovailoa to put up Top 12 passing numbers, but Mike McDaniel is calling the shots now in Miami. Like Deebo Samuel, Hill will get touches schemed up for him — he’s just too talented. The Dolphins offense will be greatly improved with the addition of Terron Armstead too. I think Hill may be an exception to the parameters I explained at the beginning.

12. Keenan Allen

Last but not least is a Chargers wide receiver. I say that because I was torn between Keenan Allen and Mike Williams. The rationale is simple: both received 30-plus red zone targets last season and both play with Justin Herbert on an offense that will put up big time scoring numbers. But I give the edge to Allen based on consistency. Williams had five games over 20 fantasy points, but also seven games with less than eight points. Conversely, Allen scored over 10 points in all games but one last year. If you do miss out on drafting Allen, don’t hesitate to take Williams as another elite fantasy football wide receiver.


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