Tony Romo
(Tom Pennington/Getty Images)  Tony Romo made quite the impression in the broadcast booth

Former Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo made his debut for CBS as a color commentator calling the Raiders vs. Titans game with Jim Nantz. It didn’t take long for Romo to shine as he predicted a ton of plays during the contest. Romo’s long tenure playing career absolutely helped him in his debut.

Firing Phil Simms turned out to be the right move. The former All-Pro quarterback brought an analysis the NFL fans have been missing. His insight was phenomenal all afternoon. It makes you wonder if Romo had any left in the tank to keep playing for another year or two.

Some of the highlights were Romo betting Nantz $5 on a run play to the left by Derrick Henry. If Tony Romo were to leave the booth, he could have a career in the coaching ranks. Jay Cutler would have been the second quarterback to broadcast games this year but he made a comeback with the Dolphins. I can speak for all NFL fans that we appreciate Romo’s knowledge of the game. Would Jay Cutler study film the way Romo did? Well, maybe not so much.