Tom Brady
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Tom Brady Returns To Capital One’s “The Match”

The first time we saw “The Match” on TNT between powerhouse golfers/famous athletes was back in 2018 when Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson faced off. Next, we saw Tom Brady and Mickelson face off in a match against Peyton Manning and Woods in 2020. Later in that same year, we got to see Steph Curry team up with Manning against Charles Barkley and Mickelson. Now, the Brady-Mickelson duo will return in a very anticipated matchup against polarizing PGA star Bryson DeChambeau and Aaron Rodgers. “The Match” will take place in Big Sky, Montana on July 6, 2021, right in the backyard of Brady’s favorite off-season spot.

This should be a great golf match. Brady is basically a scratch golfer, and Mickelson is fresh off of a PGA Championship win. Meanwhile, DeChambeau has been in the headlines lately for his beef with fellow PGA Tour player, Brooks Koepka, and is still a menace on the course. DeChambeau will have newbie Aaron Rodgers on his side, who seems more interested in hobbies outside of football, including golf. Rodgers has allegedly voiced his displeasure with the Packers organization and recently made his debut as a temporary host of Jeopardy. Football my be the furthest thing from Rodgers’ mind at this point, which is great when it comes to hitting balls straight on the links.

Brady Loves To Talk Trash, Especially In Golf

Love him or hate him, Brady is almost as good of a trash talker as he is a football player. Earlier today, he got in on the DeChambeau-Koepka beef and made some memes after “The Match” was announced. Brady wasted no time in mocking his fellow NFL quarterback, and he’s already bringing the heat to Rodgers months in advance.

Brady was not the only one trying to stir up some trouble on social media either. Naturally, Koepka had to get in on the action when he apologized to Rodgers for being stuck with DeChambeau as a partner.

Then DeChambeau chimed in with a reply himself, both to Brady and Koepka.

Even better than all of that, Barstool Sports founder, Dave Portnoy, had some words exchanged with Koepka over Twitter as well. Portnoy is almost as good of an instigator as Brady!

Koepka responded, as expected. He put Portnoy on full blast with this one.

This Is What We Love To See

Could this get any better? Golf fans and NFL fans alike will get to see not only a great golf match but an all-out trash-talking-fest ahead of “The Match”. All four of the players participating are formidable golfers, and they are all entertaining in their own way. Tom Brady is a clown on social media, and he thinks he’s cool and hip which makes it even funnier. Phil Mickelson has his own golf slang and is for sure “one of the boys”. Aaron Rodgers is sarcastic as hell and is very witty when comebacks are needed. Then there is Bryson DeChambeau, who is considered a “Karen” in the game of golf, and a lot of fans hate his antics off the course.

I personally cannot wait to watch “The Match” in July. It is for a great cause since there is always a charitable aspect of these matches. On top of that, it will just be entertaining to watch and just what golf needs right now–more beef.

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