Brooks Koepka
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Brooks Koepka Vs. Bryson DeChambeau: 2021 Edition

There were a couple of massive storylines in the world of golf this past weekend. Phil Mickelson became the oldest player in PGA history to win a major at age 50 when he took home the trophy at the PGA Championship on Sunday. Mickelson, a fan favorite, had a massive gallery following him throughout the 18th hole. Mickelson winning his first major in eight years is historic, but have you heard about the feud between Brooks Koepka and Bryson DeChambeau? The hate between the two golfers is real and it’s great for golf.

The cold war between Koepka and DeChambeau dates back to 2018 when Koepka criticized DeChambeau publicly for his deliberately slow pace of play before the final round of the Northern Trust. Since that incident, the two golfers have been trading shots at each other on social media, sparking drama that the sport of golf so desperately needs. Most recently, a video leaked from an interview this past weekend in which Koepka literally stopped talking, rolled his eyes, and made sure to point out he was annoyed that DeChambeau walked behind him during the interview. Here’s the clip:

Bryson DeChambeau Was Quick To Respond

Sure enough, after the video of Brooks Koepka leaked, DeChambeau sent in his response in the form of an Instagram story. DeChambeau even also made his way into the comment section below the video of Koepka’s rant.

Even better than that, DeChambeau was triggered by a fan who kept calling him “Brooksy” over the weekend at the PGA Championship.

Wow. DeChambeau gets fired up from hearing Koepka’s name and Koepka cant even stand the mere presence of DeChambeau behind him. I personally love seeing this in golf, but maybe that’s just me.

But Wait, There’s More!

Aside from the 2018 Northern Trust pace of play debacle and Koepka interview, DeChambeau has taken shots at Koepka for his physique, which should come as no surprise. DeChambeau became a huge name in golf within the last year, and he is famous for his rapid body transformation. He gained roughly 40 pounds in one offseason and lifted weights constantly in order to drive past his opponents on tour. People around the game of golf have mixed emotions about DeChambeau’s slow pace and his “go big or go home” style of play, as some see it as a shortcut.

DeChambeau can also come off as snobby about his weight gain and how much he incorporates statistics into his golf, and he has used his new body like a fork to poke at Koepka. Brooks Koepka was known for being one of the most jacked-up golfers on tour in 2018-19 during his insane hot streak in major tournaments, but DeChambeau stole Koepka’s thunder in 2020, another possible source of sourness between the two.

Beef Is Great For Golf

I like to equate golf to baseball in terms of sports that need to spice things up. Both sports are often seen as boring and slow, and neither sport welcomes change at the expense of tradition. But with golfers like DeChambeau all over the news whenever he drives a ball 350 yards, golf is returning to vogue.

Golf is starting to resonate with a younger generation of players who look up to guys like Brooks Koepka and DeChambeau. Previously uninterested populaces are making their way to golf courses now, whether the existing institutions like it or not. DeChambeau and Koepka’s feud is bringing more fans to golf, and that is what matters.

The quarrel between the two golfers is helping to make the game more interesting. There is more tension than ever before in a game that is often subdued and pays close attention to every rule. Koepka cusses in an interview and does not care about anything? Great. DeChambeau drives a ball on a long par four over the tree line and pisses off the old heads of the sport? Even better. Golf needs drama, so thank you, DeChambeau and Koepka. Keep the content coming. We love it.

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