Toast Time

Toast Time is finally back from winter break. Jackson Law, fresh from his trip to the Rocky Mountains, and I (Anthony Fontanello) dive into a ton of toasty topics. As the NFL season winds down we introduce our first NBA topic. Don’t miss our take on the NFC East teams either.

Toast Time Gets Into Some Spicy Takes and Topics.

Find out who made buttery, burnt, and extra crispy this week. As well as what the hell is wrong is with Von Miller? It’s a bit of a long episode as we had a lot to talk about. So grab your blanket, toast, and coffee as we take you through the week.

Time For a Story.

You won’t want to miss my storytime about the one and only time I went snow tubing. Jackson’s rant on James Harden and Trae Young is too good to pass up as well.

We are back to the regular schedule. Be on the lookout for more episodes every week!