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Eagle Fans Love to Talk That Nonsense; Go Home.

Eagle Fans

Eagle fans just love to talk shit. It’s in their blood and if I was a fan of such a trash franchise I’d be just as mad at the world. However, when these people want to come at my Giants and me. Now we got problems.

Eagle Fans Should Look Themselves In The Mirror.

First things first, I want to thank a fellow writer here at Vendetta, Chad Bauman. See Chad wrote an article bashing Giant fans and the Giants team for complaining about that horrific game on Sunday Night. Chad lit a silent fire inside of me and the more I scrolled through Twitter and saw a plethora of people chiming in. Well, I had to let it out.

I’ll make this as simple for you lot as possible. I do not give a rat’s ass that the Giants were 6-10. I do not give not a single fuck that you think we shouldn’t be upset about it because of our record. How dare you bunch of hypocrite assholes. We had a shot to make the playoffs and didn’t make it fine. I can live with that, but any other team in our position would’ve been the same way. Oh, what’s wrong, not happy the NFC East sucked this year. Too damn bad go kick rocks with that shit.

The Fans Want To Act Like Shit Divisions Shouldn’t Exist.

For your information, there has been plenty of NFL teams making the playoffs at a sub .500 record. The 2010 Seahawks were 7-9 and beat the defending Super Bowl Champion New Orleans Saints in the Marshawn Lynch Beast Mode game. The 2014 Panthers won their division at 7-8-1 and won a playoff game. Furthermore, just because winning your shitty division got you in the playoffs doesn’t mean you can’t be happy about it. Nor does it mean that if they missed the playoffs because of a game like Sunday Night they can’t be upset.

However, the craziest part to me is Eagle fans and random other fans (i.e Scott Logush) want to sit there and act like we can’t be upset. The Eagles just went 4-11-1 and are about to make the worst decision of their lives in getting rid of Carson Wentz. Just to give Jalen Hurts the keys. You defend your completely useless head coach, Doug Pederson, in his decision to healthy scratch Wentz and get Nate Sudfeld snaps.

The Eagles have become a laughingstock in the NFL. Such a hard fall from grace after that Super Bowl huh? Talk about one-hit wonders. Most Eagle fans blame Wentz for everything because they have brains the size of rice grains. Honestly, I do not care who wants to come at me for this bring it you pathetic and sad excuse for a fanbase.

Don’t You Love When Eagle Fans Know More Than The Players.

Hell, they think they know more than the players do. Some Eagle players had to be held back from beating the ever-living dogshit out of their head coach for that stupid move on Sunday. I hope the draft movement was worth losing the whole locker room. Joe Judge would never.

This brings me to my next point. Do not come at my coach, who actually looks like he knows what the fuck he’s doing, compared to your coach. Judge has the Giants trending in the right direction. Yeah, we aren’t good yet but we are getting there. Can you say the same about the Eagles? Don’t answer that obviously the answer is no.

All I’m saying is do not go and talk shit about the Giants when you not only had a far worse season. But, think Hurts is the guy when “supposedly” Sudfeld gave you the best chance to win. I’d much rather defend the tanking argument. As opposed to arguing that my team just sucks that much and we have not a single shred of a clue as to what hell we are doing.

I’ll close on this note. To my Jet fans sitting at home wanting to talk shit about the Giants. You assholes couldn’t even tank right. You went 2-14 and do not have Trevor Lawrence. Also, you haven’t won jack shit since the goddamn merger. So sit down, slow your roll, and know your damn place. That’s the bottom line because Anthony Fontanello said so.


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