Matt Cassel
Matt Cassel will be returning to the Titans in 2017. (Kyle Terara-USA Today)

With Marcus Mariota recovering from a leg injury, the Titans felt it was imperative to retain backup quarterback Matt Cassel. NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport had the details of the contract.

Over the course of 4 games for the Titans last season, Cassel completed 30-of-51 passes for 284 yards. He also threw two touchdowns and two interceptions. During the Combine interviews, today head coach Mike Mularkey did not put a timetable on Marcus Mariota’s return.

“I feel pretty good about it,’’ coach Mike Mularkey said of Mariota’s timetable. “You have to trust the doctor’s words, and if you know Marcus like we do, we believe with the way he goes about his business he’ll be prepared. He is not going to overdo it, he has been told to be careful, and be smart about it. Our No.1 goal is to make sure he is under center when we open up opening day. I am not going to put a timeframe on when that first practice or when that first (OTA) will be. I can’t do that because every player is different in how they recover, and it’s difficult to do.”