Tim Tebow
Tim Tebow wants to play tight end for his former college coach. Is this admirable or pathetic for the former Heisman winner? (AP Photo/John Raoux)

Tim Tebow is the first name to stir up some draft day drama, who had that on their bingo card? The former Denver Broncos quarterback has called the Jacksonville Jaguars requesting a tryout, at tight end. What should we make of this? Is this admirable or pathetic for the former Heisman winner? Let’s find out!

Today, I was minding my own business and scrolling through twitter. Then all of a sudden, I read that Tim Tebow is trying to make an NFL return as a tight end. Thank you Adam Schefter for delivering this very interesting piece of information.

Urban Meyer was Tebow’s college coach, so it makes sense that for Tebow’s NFL return he’d make an attempt to join his former coach. I’m unsure if Tebow actually had a tryout since Schefter is saying that Tebow requested one, he has worked out with the tight end coach of the Jaguars. It’s anyone’s guess as to whether Tebow will be a tight end in 2021. I think this move is more admirable than pathetic. Similar to Tebow’s baseball career, I respect the man for giving it a shot. Not many athletes have the ability to switch sports, Tebow’s doing it twice! He’s refusing to give up on his dream, and there’s something admirable about it. Whether it succeeds or not is one thing, but the effort is undeniable. It’s incredibly unlikely that Tebow returns to the NFL and finds a spot on a regular-season roster, but at this point nothing is impossible.

I’ll never forget the Broncos winning a playoff game and Tim Tebow finishing overtime in one throw. That entire year was just full of Tebow Magic, or the catchier and better name, Tebow Time. Whether he succeeds or fails at this comeback attempt, I respect the effort.

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