Russell Westbrook
There is a video that proves that Russell Westbrook is good? This earth shattering video will probably help you view Westbrook in a more positive light. (Tom Pennington/Getty Images)

This Video Proves Russell Westbrook Is Good…

At sucking.


Oh, I was just finishing off the title.

The video you’re about to see proves that Russell Westbrook is good… at sucking.

Isn’t it funny that Trey was once viewed as crazy for being such an extreme Westbrook hater. Now it’s viewed as crazy if you aren’t a Westbrook hater. Odd how that works. The only difference is I’ve been doing it for like 10 years and haven’t been given a single ounce of credit for being the only person who was willing to tell the truth about this bum.

You know what’s funny? When I said Westbrook belonged in the Big 3, I do think I took it far enough. What I should have said was Westbrook belongs on the team that the Harlem Globetrotters decide to play. There isn’t another player in the NBA that you could make a two minute long videos of just air balls through a third of one NBA regular season.

Of course, new Trey is growing and evolving. We’re not blaming Westbrook as often anymore. I could sit here and crush that idiot every day. I am no longer doing that. You can’t blame Westbrook for lacking self awareness and basketball IQ. He’s never going to get it. His brain isn’t big enough.

Blame the people that gave this dope a fraudulent MVP Award. Laugh at LeBron and the Lakers front office for being so stupid to think Westbrook would actually make a positive contribution.

We don’t laugh at Westbrook anymore. It’s like making fun of a blind person for being blind. Instead, let’s just laugh at the stupid things that Westbrook does and feel sorry for anyone that thinks he’s a good basketball player. I feel so lucky that I could never be that stupid. Westbrook is the NBA version of Jackass. You just laugh at him make an ass of himself. It’s entertainment. How dare I get in the way of good comedy?

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