Russell Westbrook
Russell Westbrook belongs in the Big 3, not the NBA (AP Photo/Rick Bowmer)

Don’t blame Russell Westbrook for the failures in Oklahoma City. That’s all I’ve been hearing from the same old media that never learns. Kevin Durant carried that cancer as far as he could for 7 years and never won. The second he did, he won 2 titles. Since Durant bolted, Westbrook has never won a first round series losing to 3 different opponents. He couldn’t beat the Rockets in a face off against James Harden. He couldn’t beat the Jazz and was outplayed by Ricky Rubio and rookie Donovan Mitchell. He couldn’t beat the do nothing Trail Blazers that were swept by New Orleans just a year prior. Hey, it’s probably not Westbrook’s fault.

As the media continues to defend Westbrook for reasons I’ll never understand, I continue to double, triple, and quadruple down. Time and time again I’m proven right. I have a new declaration to announce. Russell Westbrook is so bad that he belongs in the Big 3, not the NBA. Go ahead and laugh. Time and time again I’ve been proven right about this selfish prick.

The cliff is almost here. Westbrook is about to turn 31 in November which has been a death sentence for guards who rely solely on athleticism. Russell Westbrook is already a negative in the NBA. His contract is so egregious that it was well known that he had negative trade value. The only reason the Thunder got draft pick compensation back for Westbrook when they traded him to Houston was because OKC took back a worse contract with Chris Paul.

Westbrook is an athletic guard who can’t shoot. He isn’t just a bad shooter, he’s a clueless player who keeps shooting. Despite having a lifetime 30 percent clip from 3-point range, Westbrick has shot at least 4 of them per game in 7 straight season. The guy just doesn’t get it. Now I’m supposed to believe the James Harden pairing is going to work? Oh, you know, just two of the highest usage rate guys in NBA history. If they were to keep their usage rates respectively, it literally wouldn’t’ be mathematically possible for them to play together.

There’s only one solution. Money aside, the best move for everyone is if Westbrook joins the Big 3. His talent level may be slightly superior but his shot selection will drop him down to where he feels on par with the other players in the league. His playing style actually may no longer be a complete detriment. He can jack up as many shots as he wants and it will just be a good ole laugh. Having spacing and shooting is no longer a huge issue. He can drive to the basket and pass if help comes. In a 3 on 3 style, Westbrook should thrive playing against players who he is more athletic than. It’s a move that makes too much sense.

In 3 straight years, Westbrook is shooting under 40 percent in the playoffs but jacking up 424 shots during that time. You just can’t win with the guy. He could be the 6th man off the bench. If Westbrook is on your team, you’re screwed. Do us all a favor and send this man to the Big 3. A place where Westbrook actually has a chance to succeed. I, for one, am tired of having to tell the obvious truth. Russell Westbrook is the biggest cancer in NBA history.