The Town
The Town Movie Review. The Town may have come out in 2010 but it’s a classic movie that everyone should watch. It’s currently on Netflix too. (Warner Brothers)

Recently, Netflix put ‘The Town’ on Netflix. It’s an older movie that came out in 2010. I’m sure a lot of people have seen it before but it’s worth the rewatch. Personally, it was my first time watching it. As a mostly Boston sports fan, it’s embarrassing that I haven’t seen it until recently but I tend to live under a rock when it comes to things that don’t have anything to do with sports. Let’s go over The Town movie review.

I’ve said this before but these reviews I don’t like to give out spoilers. I’m here to tell you if this is something you should try to watch or not while filling in the lines. This one is easy. The Town is absolutely worth your time. Since it’s on Netflix, make sure you carve out a night where you can watch this as your movie night.

The Town has it all. Ben Affleck and Jeremy Renner are just really good actors. Jon Hamm left a bad taste in my mouth because Mad Men might be the single worst show I’ve ever seen. However, he’s really good in this one. The acting is just really on point and the storyline is entertaining.

You got it all in this one. Mastermind criminals, a weird love story, and cops determined to catch them. The end showdown is incredible. All of the gun shootouts are awesome. Furthermore, does it get any better than a movie that gets shot at Fenway Park? There are scenes literally at Fenway. I don’t know how they pulled it off but the scenery is just so incredible.

Watch The Town. You won’t regret the decision. This one is easy to review.