Kurtis Sprung
That’s Some Cheese. Kurtis Sprung got ROBBED. World of Dance clearly needs new judges because they clearly don’t know dance. Kurtis deserved better.

On one of the fantasy shows, it was revealed that I used to take dance classes in college. Only a few credits short of a dance minor. Two of my friends also recently got me into the show World of Dance. I gotta admit, I’m now hooked on the show. A turn I didn’t see coming.

Just as quickly as I got into the show, may be as quickly as I boycott the show. Currently the newest episode includes the Semi Finals of World of Dance. There is a group of 6 routines and 2 advance to the Finals. This episode includes an egregious injustice that CANNOT be ignored. That’s some Cheese! Kurtis Sprung got robbed!

Now you may be thinking to yourself, there’s no way two of the groups were better than him. Apparently, you would be wrong, THREE routines got higher scores. Kurtis was far and away the best act that night. You can argue Jefferson and Adrianita. I won’t complain if you want to say they were better. BUT there’s no way on earth anybody else in the group was better.

Let’s get right to business. Sorry not sorry, NE-Yo doesn’t know anything about dance. His critique was he was “waiting for one picture”. BRO DID YOU NOT SEE HIM PAUSE BY THE DOOR. NE-YO needs to be fired.

Guess what else he did? This guy gave an 89 to 4 of the 5 groups. Not a joke. He gave the same exact score to 4 of the 5 groups. That tells me you don’t know anything. If I try 5 different slices of pizza and I give the same score to 4, you’re going to ask me if I cut off my tongue.

Listen, NE-YO, I know you broke your foot so you haven’t danced in a while but if you don’t have it anymore, let the rest of us know. We can find a replacement for you. Oddly enough, NE-YO thought the trio that moves only their hands was by far the best act. Coincidence? I think not.

Here’s the worst part. After the judges didn’t put Kurtis though, Derek offered him a job. Are you serious? You gave him a 90 and then offered him a job? Does your brain work? I would have told the guy to F himself.

I screamed when those scores came out. These judges are on crack. Here’s what I’ll do. Below is the other 4 acts. You tell me how he doesn’t crack the top 2. Young Cast is not World of Dance material. So much in fact that the judges made them comeback during the auditions. They disrespected Kurtis so bad he had the same score as a 9-year-old. I will not stand for this injustice. Kurtis Sprung got robbed.

This group deserves to advance ^. Now let’s get to the other three. I’ll put them in order for how I would have ranked them. At the bottom is the worst.