LeBron James On Trump
LeBron James has a response to Donald Trump calling players that take a knee “disrespectful” (HANS GUTKNECHT/DIGITAL FIRST MEDIA/LOS ANGELES DAILY NEWS VIA GETTY)

Lebron James On Trump’s Viewership: We Could Care Less

LeBron James is a phenomenal basketball player, that’s obvious. The NBA as a whole has taken action to support the Black Lives Matter movement. Some players are wearing statements on the back of their jersey in place of their last name and the most common course of action among the league is taking a knee during the national anthem. Although most people, like myself, are in favour of players kneeling as a form of peaceful protest against racial injustice some people are not fans, like Donald Trump.

Donald Trump has never been one to bite his tongue, hell look at his twitter. In an appearance on Fox & Friends, Donald Trump had this to say on NBA players kneeling:

I think it’s disgraceful. … It’s not acceptable to me. When I see them kneeling I just turn off the game, I have no interest in the game.

During this same appearance Donald Trump said that he has done more for the black community than anybody:

And Black Lives Matter, nobody has done better for our black community than me. Nobody and with a possible exception of Abraham Lincoln it’s true. Criminal justice reform. … and again nobody has done more for the black community by far I always say nobody other than, I’ll give the one exception, Abraham Lincoln okay? But even that I mean to be honest with you but nobody has done more than I have.

Now, this is simply outrageous no matter how you look at it. Even saying that Abraham Lincoln is “a possible exception” is just banana land. LeBron James had some comments on Donald Trump’s statement about players kneeling being a “disgrace.” LeBron James said the following:

I really don’t think the basketball community are sad about losing his viewership. … The game will go on without [President Trump’s] eyes on it. … We could care less.

I agree with LeBron James, I don’t really care if Trump watches NBA games or not. If he’s anything like Charlie Kirk, Trump will be saying this again soon.

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