The Tanndemonium Sports Show 1.21.2021

It’s Divisional Playoffs Talk!

Man oh man did the NFL Playoffs offer some amazing things to talk about!

Tom Brady and the Bucs breeze by Drew Brees and the Saints!

Josh Allen shuts up all the haters as the Bills trample the Ravens!

The Chiefs hold on against the Browns despite Mahomes being knocked out!

And Aaron Rodgers continues the vengeance tour against the Green Bay front office after trouncing an injured Aaron Donald led Los Angeles Rams.

It’s Not All About Football! Major League Baseball Has Some News!

The Mets are also without their new GM after it turns out he’s not a nice guy! We bring “Benny The Jet” in to talk about his beloved Mets!

There Was A Little Trade in the NBA As Well.

And we talk the James Harden to the Brooklyn Nets trade! This definitely shakes up the East and guarantees that anyone in the East is going to have to go through Brooklyn to get to the Finals. But does this rattle LeBron and the Lakers? We’ll talk about it!

It’s a jammed packed episode!

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