Josh Allen
Has Josh Allen proven that he’s a franchise quarterback? Allen’s 2020 season could be a make or break season for the Bills future. (Brian Blanco/Associated Press)

The Buffalo Bills exceeded expectations a year ago when they made the postseason. Buffalo has a really good thing going. The defense is for real and Sean McDermott looks like he knows what he’s doing. As we head into 2020, has Josh Allen proven that he’s a franchise quarterback. It’s the difference between becoming a good and great team.

Josh Allen is the closest thing to a young Cam Newton. Under 60 percent thrower who can make plays with his legs. I know people don’t think of Allen that way but that’s really who he has been. The former Wyoming quarterback has 17 rushing touchdowns in 27 starts. He’s been one of the most prolific running quarterbacks in the league.

What Allen needs to do is continue to improve as a passer. How much better he can get remains to be seen. Allen upped his completion percentage from 52.8 percent to 58.8 percent. Year 3 is the big year. Will Allen get into the 60 and up range? He also doubled his passing touchdown mark from 10 to 20. Allen taking one more leap is maybe the most important development in the history of the Bills franchise.

Brian Daboll has done a really great job with Josh Allen’s development. Year 3 it’s time to let it rip. Push the ball down the field. More throws down the field. Add more weapons to the offense. Give Allen a true number one wide receiver. Maybe another game changing tight end. Regardless, Allen has done enough to win games whether it looks ugly at times and really good other times.

Will Allen take that next step? That remains to be seen. Allen’s growth has been encouraging. However, if Allen’s 2019 season is an indication for what we’re getting for the next 10 years, that’s not enough for the Bills to ultimately be taken seriously as a Super Bowl contender. Should the Bills be worried about that? Maybe they should be at least a little concerned.