Movie Theaters
Are movie theaters dead? The time has come to officially come to write the tomb stone on movie theaters.

When is the last time you went to a movie theater? Personally, I don’t think I’ve been to one in over a decade. With corona going on, nobody is going right now. If Blockbuster can be taken down, then theaters entirely sure as hell can. Is it time to declare movie theaters dead?

There are two big stories to talk about today. Warner Bros. will send their entire 2021 slate to HBO Max. That’s right. All 17 films including The Suicide Squad, The Matrix 4, Dune, Godzilla vs. Kong, and Space Jam: A New Legacy will drop on HBO the same day they hit theaters.

Unlike our guy Alex who has the memory of a goldfish, I remember the days when the only way you could watch a new movie was by seeing it in theaters. It was that or you had to wait months for it to show up at Blockbuster.

Nobody wants to leave the couch if they don’t have to. I can stream new shit to my TV all the time with Netflix, Hulu, etc. The options now didn’t exist back in the day. There are hundreds of options available all the time.

Let’s be honest; movie theaters suck! Who wants to watch a movie next to some dude you never met before. Sure, the times where you watch Sherlock Holmes in theaters and never watch a second of the movie are taken from us. On the other hand, now there’s a pause button so now I can go back and watch the movie after… well… nevermind. (Side note: I wish).

Also, did you know you can now rent out a movie theater for $99? That’s kinda cool but how long until that feels old and uncool? It feels sort of like when you bought a hermit crab at the beach. After the vacation, it’s not so cool anymore.

The time is here. Movie theaters are officially dead. RIP.