Seattle Seahawks
(AP Photo/John Bazemore)

The Seattle Seahawks aren’t just a dark horse pick to get to the Super Bowl. They should be the favorite to come out of the NFC.

The Seattle Seahawks Should be The NFC Favorite.

I’m not sold on the Buccaneers as the NFC favorite. Sure they can defend and having Tom Brady playing great is always an advantage. However, they are not better than the Seahawks.

Yes, the Bucs have a good defense. And their offense is pretty darn good. There is just one small problem. The Seahawks have an amazing offense this year. Russell Wilson is playing out of his damn mind.

Russell Wilson is Playing Like The MVP He Is.

Wilson has 2,151 passing yards, a passer rating of 82.5, and 26 passing touchdowns. And is finally getting the MVP praise he deserves. Not only is Wilson playing great but so is his receivers. DK Metcalf and Tyler Lockett are helping Wilson in so many ways. Especially, DK who is getting Megatron comparisons.

Both of them are playing great and that was the key to Wilson getting to the level he currently is on. However, Seattle’s defense is suspect. But don’t forget that Jamal Adams hasn’t played and they just traded for Carlos Dunlap. The defense will be good enough to win this team games.

The thing is Wilson is playing so great that the defense doesn’t have to be the Legion of Boom. Which, this defense is a far cry from the Seattle defenses of old. But that doesn’t mean this Seattle team can’t beat the best of them.

Nevertheless, this Seattle defense will get better the reinforcements are coming. And all the Seahawks need to do is “Let Russ Cook” seriously, that’s all they need to do. When the season is over the Seahawks will be the Super Bowl Championships. And Wilson will be the MVP of the league.

The Seahawks should start being taken more seriously. There’s a bunch of teams that have the eyes of analysts and fans. However, The Seahawks are one of the best teams in the NFL and have a quarterback that is on absolute fire. It’s about time people open their eyes.


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