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NFL fans are starting to compare the Seattle Seahawks DK Metcalf, a physical specimen, to that of the best Wide Receivers in NFL History, Calvin ‘Megatron’ Johnson.

Body Types

Calvin Johnson was a beast at the wide receiver position who had 11,619 yards and 83 touchdowns in 135 games. How did “Megatron” do it? It was a 6’5, 237 lb frame. Compared to DK Metcalf, who is 6’4, 229 lbs.

Not only are their bodies comparable in size, but Johnson was one of the fastest players in the NFL in his prime. In comparison, Metcalf could be one of the fastest now.

Megatron changed the viewpoint on wide receivers because of his freakish build, while Metcalf could do the same.


DK Metcalf, who is often being compared to Johnson this season, is a fierce competitor.

In the game against the Cardinals, Russell Wilson lobbed up a pass to his running back, Chris Carson, where Budda Baker made the interception and started running towards the endzone. Little did Baker know that Metcalf was fast enough to chase him down. Both Wilson and Seahawks head coach Pete Caroll said it was one of the best plays they’ve ever seen.

Here’s the tackle by Metcalf if you want to watch it again.

The 40-yard dash times between Johnson and Metcalf are not that far apart. Johnson was at a 4.35, compared to Metcalf, who ran a 4.33 at the 2019 NFL Combine.


Johnson, who will more than likely be inducted into the Hall of Fame class of 2021, was one of the best wideouts of all time stat-wise. In 135 games and eight seasons, he put up 11,619 yards and 83 touchdowns on 731 receptions.

Metcalf, who was drafted just last year, might have a tall task to reach that, but it could happen with a few phenomenal seasons just like the one he’s in now. This season Metcalf already has 680 yards and seven touchdowns through week eight. He’s on pace for 1,457 yards in just his second season, that will be better than Johnson’s second season. He already had more in his rookie season than Johnson did in his.

Metcalf rookie season: 58 receptions, 900 yards, 7 touchdowns

Johnson rookie season: 48 reception, 736 yards, four touchdowns

So is DK Metcalf the second coming of ‘Megatron’?

It’s hard to compare Johnson to anyone because he was a beast and one of the best receivers of all time. However, it’s trending like Metcalf could be at least the closest thing we’ve seen since he retired. Maybe we should call Metcalf “Optimus Prime.”

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