The Lost Pirate Kingdom
The Lost Pirate Kingdom Netflix review. Want to know the real history of the pirates? Make sure to check this show out. (Courtesy Of Netflix)

The Lost Pirate Kingdom Netflix Review

I’m really into history, okay? After reviewing The Last Czars, it’s time to deep dive into The Lost Pirate Kingdom on Netflix. Screw the Pirates of the Caribbean. This documentary on Netflix actually details what actually happened with the Pirates. Hey, I don’t even have to worry about spoilers because it’s called a history book.

I went into this documentary knowing nothing. I’m not sure how your school operated but we did not learn about the Pirates. For whatever reason, I heard the name Black Beard but other than that I was clueless going in. I learned something new which is a positive.

Again, if you’re not a history person, maybe this isn’t for you. It was interesting to learn about Edward Thatch, Samuel Bellamy, Anne Bonny, and others. Apparently Thatch went so bat shit crazy from STD’s that he lost his mind. If that’s not a story worth diving into I don’t know what is.

It’s actually wild. The government was scared of pirates and didn’t even fight back. Imagine that today? Just crazy renegades robbing a country blind while they don’t fight back? WILD. The pirates did whatever the hell they wanted but also somehow created laws for themselves. Somehow the outlaws were actually civilized.

I highly recommend this one. There’s even some nudity if you’re into that sort of thing. Lots of drinking. The only downside was there really wasn’t as much fighting as I anticipated. Solid show. Maybe not an A but no regrets watching it.

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