The Last Czars
The Last Czars Netflix review is worth the watch if you’re a history buff. Relive the story of the dumbest royal family to ever do it. (Courtesy Of Netflix)

The Last Czars Netflix Review

History was my favorite subject in school. For those that like history, The Last Czars may just be your cup of tea. For those who have no interest in history (which I don’t understand you then) maybe skip this one. Anyway, let’s get down to business. Here is my Netflix review on The Last Czars.

Luckily for me, I don’t have to worry about spoilers. The title of the show pretty much gives it away. This show is about the last royal family of the Russian empire. They are the last royal family in Russia for a reason. If you can’t figure out what happens to them, I can’t help you.

Not going to lie, I really enjoyed this one. I remember learning about Rasputin in school but I guess I never realized how bat shit crazy the story really was. Just learning about all the details in his life makes this worth the watch all by itself.

Second, you just laugh at all the mistakes this family made. How easy it would have been to keep hold of power. Poor Nicholas II was a dead brain. Guy couldn’t make a smart decision to save his life. Who knows. If he wasn’t such a moron, maybe Czars are still in charge of Russia.

They should just show this show in leadership courses. Okay, this is what you don’t do. Got it? Good. Seriously, those two things alone make it worth the watch. If you enjoy history, check this one out.

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