the giants didn't deserve the playoffs
Giants Head Coach Joe Judge. Photo Credit Jim McIsaac

Giants fans, your team missed the playoffs, it happens. No need to be a pussy about it. The Giants didn’t deserve the playoffs, so suck it up buttercup.

I know what you’re thinking, “But, Chad, they would have made it if the Eagles…” Horse shit. They would have made it if they won more than six fucking games this season.

So What?

The Giants’ players, their fans, and their bitch ass coach threw the world’s biggest pity party after the Eagles loss. Let’s set the record straight here, even if the Eagles were actually trying to tank, they were not disrespecting the game.

Every year tanking has been an expectable part of the game. The only reason you have beef now is because the NFL forced you to watch it live.

If the NFL didn’t flex the Eagles into the prime time slot we wouldn’t be here.

And guess what? Tanking was the right move for the organization. The Eagles owe the Giants exactly dick. For what reason would they help the Giants make the playoffs when they have a shot at a better draft pick?

The Sudfeld Of It All

The Eagles weren’t tanking. They just suck.

In order to believe that Doug Pederson was smart enough to go for the higher draft pick, you have to subscribe to the belief that he actually knows what he’s doing.

I sure as hell don’t. At this point, I wouldn’t trust Doug Pederson with a fucking potato gun.

The Giants didn't deserve the playoffs
Nate Sudfeld Gets Butt Fucked By the Washington Defense. (Mitchell Leff | Getty Images)

The fact of the matter is that Jalen Hurts wasn’t playing well. Yea he had 2 rushing TDs, but he was 7/20 when he got pulled. Plus he failed to put the ball in the end zone from the four-yard line.

Doug said before the game that he would play Sudfeld if it made sense. As stupid as Doug has been this season (remember that time he went for two against Seattle when the game was over) it makes perfect sense that he would think he could win with Suckfeld.

The Truth Shall Set You Free

The real bizarre thing isn’t that they pulled Hurts, it’s that he was even suited up in the first place.

Like, why?

The Eagles have nothing to gain from playing Hurts at this point. You’ve seen the kid play in three games. Playing one more meaningless game isn’t giving you anymore insight.

Not to mention, it’s pretty fucking obvious that Carson Wentz’s time in Philly is over (well, Howie and Doug are borderline crazy so maybe it’s not obvious to them). Jalen Hurts, for better or worse, is your starter next year. Why risk him getting lit up against a good front seven with the worst o-line in football?

Quit Your Bitching

So shut up already. Bo-fucking-ho, the 6-10 Giants didn’t make the playoffs. They suck. The Giants didn’t deserve the playoffs. Fuck ’em. Want to make the playoffs win more games.

The Cardinals have a winning(ish) record. The Dolphins are 10-6. Those guys are the ones getting the shaft. Not the can’t-get-right Giants.