The Flight Attendant
The Flight Attendant wasn’t perfect but it was surprisingly worth the watch. The plot might be flawed but the show is on point. (Phil Caruso/HBO Max)

The Flight Attendant HBO Max Review

The girl from that terrible nerd show on a new series with HBO Max? Does it have potential? Well, we decided to binge watch the first season and now it’s time for a review. As always, I’m not a film critique and will do my best to not provide any spoilers.

The premise of the show is already out in the open. Kaley Cuoco is the primary actress in the show who plays a flight attendant. Let’s just say she likes to dance with the devil and blacks out every night she goes out. One day she wakes up with a dead guy in her bed that she had previously gone out on a date with.

How good can this show be? Surprisingly, better than I anticipated. Parts of the show are a bit ridiculous but considering the flawed storyline, the show is quite good.

If you ever want to feel like a total loser that drinks too much, this show is for you. You can’t watch this show and enjoy a glass of wine during it. It’s impossible. She will make you not want to drink for a week.

There are enough twists and turns in the show to keep you guessing. The mystery of solving the murder is exciting. Shoshanna from Girls is also in the show. Don’t judge, yes, I’ve seen Girls. Deal with it.

It’s not a perfect show but it’s a solid 7-10. Much better than it otherwise could have been. It’s also not a show you will regret watching. Not the best thing of all time but overall solid.

Furthermore, if you have an HBO Max account, what else are you watching? While you wait for the new Marvel movies to be uploaded there, The Flight Attendant is a good one to binge on.