That’s Some Cheese returns for episode 99. The man, myth, and legend himself, Bryan Tann makes his debut on the show. Bryan is a jack of all trades and but you can find him specifically with The Tanndemonium Sports Show here at Vendetta.

Before we get started, the GOAT Sophie is out this week so no fancy thumbnails or normal graphics that get inserted for the show. Korner with a K Adam is doing the video this week. Don’t worry, producer All day JK Dobbins is still here.

We have a great show for everyone today. Bryan and I go over the Carson Wentz trade. What’s it like to feel loved and supported? I sure as hell don’t know but somebody is about to start feeling it. Get ready.

During the middle of the show, we go over the idiotic behavior for Maximum and Axis Football. Both companies would prefer to die than to work with us. Can’t make it up.

In the back half of the show, we do a little bit of a behind the blog on Bryan. What else is Bryan involved in? How the hell did we find this guy?

Oh… and the show can now be found on Tik Tok.