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Tank Bigsby

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Tank Bigsby 2023 NFL Draft Profile

Tank Bigsby
What should you expect from Tank Bigsby as he enters the NFL? Let’s take a look at the Auburn running back’s 2023 NFL Draft Profile! (Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports)

Tank Bigsby 2023 NFL Draft Profile

It’s time to talk about one of my favorite running backs in the draft, Tank Bigsby. Don’t let the dysfunction at Auburn fool you. Bigsby is a rockstar back and he deserves his respect heading into the 2023 NFL Draft. By the end of this, don’t say I didn’t try to warn you. Let’s talk about the Tank Bigsby 2023 NFL Draft Profile!

Ahh, yes, that Auburn dysfunction. Let’s just make sure to recognize that we don’t hold that over my guy Tank. Make sure you do your research heading into this one. Bryan Harsin got fired for a reason. The only thing you can hold against Tank is the fact that he wasn’t smart enough to get out of there when he had to chance with the transfer portal. Still, that seems a bit harsh to hold against a player.

The truth of the matter is Auburn is in the gutter. I should say was in the gutter. By now we all know my hatred for Pro Football Focus. However, these number may help you understand what’s been obvious with the eye test already. Auburn took major steps backward on both lines of scrimmage while Harsin was in charge.

How about another stat for you. Bigsby leads all SEC running backs in broken tackles since 2020 (156). Bigsby averaged 5.4 yards per carry in 2022 and it should probably be viewed as a miracle he was even able to do that. Yes, I’m fuller aware Jarquez Hunter had a higher YPC average last year but he’s also a damn good player in his own right and Bigsby did more of the heavy lifting inside the tackles.

The Tank isn’t an A in every aspect but I’d argue that his pass protection makes up for his slight flaw in the passing game. 6-foot, 210, and tough. He’s not an A as a pass blocker but is far from a problem. More than holds up and could very well turn into a workhorse back if called upon. No, he’s not the most natural receiver in the world from a route running perspective. However, he caught the ball well at the Combine and Auburn should be blamed for not being more creative from a play designing perspective. 30 of Bigsby’s 42 targets were dump-offs behind the line of scrimmage.

We can talk about the pure speed if we want to. No, Bigsby isn’t a burner but he can more than run. The 40 time here (4.56) is more than fine. Dalvin Cook was 4.53 and nobody considers him slow. The Auburn product also ripped out 23 reps on the bench press which shows he takes the weight room seriously and does have that power as I mentioned earlier.

What I like most about him is his visions. Knows where to go. Can cut and set up defenders. Hits the right hole but also has patience. The vision and agility here are both a big plus.

As I talked about with Zach Evans, yes, I also have Bigsby on my fantasy team heading into next year. I’ve been in on Bigsby for a long time. Teams should feel comfortable pulling the trigger in the middle rounds with a chance that the Auburn product turns into a full time starter down the line for the team that drafts him.


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