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Is Taylor Swift’s “Eras Tour” Her Retirement Tour?

Taylor Swift Eras Tour
Taylor Swift gave fans the long version of “All Too Well” on the opening night of her 2023 tour, the Eras, at State Farm Stadium in Arizona on Friday. Kevin Winter, Getty Images for TAS Rights Mana

Is Taylor Swift’s “Eras Tour” Her Retirement Tour?

Could the “Eras Tour” be the retirement tour for global icon Taylor Swift?

Stay with me.

So, I recently flew to Phoenix, Arizona with my girlfriend for the opening night of the “Eras Tour”. She has become quite a Swifty over the last few years, and when news broke there would be a stadium tour, I signed up on one condition: We had to go to a tour stop where Paramore would be playing. Who doesn’t love Hayley Williams? I will admit, I had a great time. She put on a THREE-HOUR set list, going over every era of her music. The atmosphere in State Farm Stadium was ELECTRIC.

Now, while I was sitting there, I kept having this reoccurring thought: could this be her retirement tour? There were quite a few signs pointing to this, so buckle up, and let’s talk about it.

For starters, both the opening acts used the same verbiage at times when talking to the fans. GAYLE and Hayley Williams made statements saying that they were happy to be there and “honor the legacy of Taylor Swift”. Williams would mention this a few times during breaks from playing. She told stories of her and Swift coming up in Nashville. Honor her legacy? Is she dead? It seems odd to me that both performers would use wording like that. Do they know something we don’t?

Next, let’s talk about that setlist.

Three. Hours. Long. 44 songs! Don’t get me wrong, it was awesome seeing a live performance that long. 16 outfit changes. That’s commitment. Her set list is among the longest in live concert history. Most performers go for slightly over an hour. Maybe 1:30 at most. Is she playing all these songs to give her fans one last iconic performance?

Lastly, no one expected her to perform the ten-minute version of her song All Too Well. She brought out the big guns for those in attendance. My girlfriend was shocked she played the entire version, which means I know the 70,000 other Swifties in attendance thought the same thing. Making her last tour memorable, perhaps?

I say all this not necessarily hoping this is in fact the retirement tour for Taylor Swift. She is arguably the biggest musician in the world putting on the biggest tour in female artist history. I would 100 percent go see her again. However, there were subtle drops throughout the night that make me believe we may be in store for one last tour here. I would like to be wrong, but I am not 100 percent sure I am.



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